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Whither Blu-Ray and HD-DVD?
Shall we start the "signs Blu-ray and HD-dvd are dying" thread yet or should we wait a few months? I think mp3 will make any disk format obsolete in the future as far as music only stuff. Movies I don't care about. Hollywood just sucks anymore. :-0 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Digital has an edge that has not been overcome yet. It's hard to explain, but as much as SACD and DVD-A have improved on resolution, that digital edge is still there. When I put an LP on, it's a whole nother world. For those that enjoy digital and... 
YES Diana Krall Verve Catalog to release on LP
I was waiting, but now I don't know that I'm still interested. I kind of grew away from her music, but always wondered consider the high quality of her recordings on CD why they haven't released her on LP 
Best Integrated for the Money
For $1,500 new I would definately look at the antique sound lab AQ1001DT (new version) then add NOS input tubes (the power tubes are pretty good). 
Which Speakers?
Agree with Unsound. Theil will integrate better then another brand with what you have. 
Better off not being seen
You made a good point. I think one thing missing in audio is actually seeing the performance. I imagine audiophiles in an ideal situation would have a holograph of the group and that coupled with a 3d sound presentation would be pretty amazing. 
Rank Stereophile, & why no Von Schweikert reviews
Sonance, That's how I feel. My dealer gets these people in there that buy all the recommded components for the year and think they have a great system because Stereophile says so. 
Spendor vs. Von Schweikert?
Grakesh, All speakers have coloration. Some more some less. I've stated which I prefer. 
Resolution Audio Opus 21 Vs Wadia 302
I agree with Mike1driver and his dealer - I think the RA Opus 21 will sound better. I listened to both at different times, so never directly compared, but for the price the Opus 21 is really very good. 
Great music but poor recording recommendations.
How dare you listen to music that isn't recorded well. What is music more important than audio? shame on you all ;)Mine would be Al Dimeola and Paco de Lucia Friday Night in San Francisco? Very mediocre recording, but one of my favorites. And many... 
Rush-R30 Concert on VH-1 Classic FRIDAY 1-13-06
Thank you for letting us know! I hope they have Neil's solo as well, but will tune in and enjoy anyway. 
How to tame the midrange???
thick condensed fiberglass or room treament. If you don't want to absorb the highs then putting a facing on it that is reflective. 
Listening to my HD650's, a sobering experience...
Larryi, I agree. There are no headphones that match speakers, but the K1000 hits a middle ground. You get a wide open soundstage rather than a line in your head between your ears as the soundstage. Nothing beats a full sized stereo.  
What headphone amp to buy-Sennheiser HD 600?
I think they would work with that amp. There are a couple of caveats: One they need an amp with about 5+ watts - they connect to the taps like speaker cables do. The second is as you mention the bass response. It goes very deep but is not as full ... 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Boa2, Yes it is a true blessing!When you sum up a whole year with a negative statement, that would be miserable to me. But I guess others thrive on negative, so maybe they are negative and happy. Good for them. Or maybe they are unhappy that Bush ...