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SACD Player Shootout
Wow, isn't this a discussion forum - someone casually posts some shootout results (for free - it's not a rag review) and they get flamed because everything wasn't layed out perfect. He was honest enough to double check and reconsile everything. I ... 
SACD Player Shootout
I want to change my post. I originally said I agree with the order - but should have mentioned one exception which causes me to question the Denon 5910 as well. It is pretty much the best I've heard (maybe second to the EMM). " there seems to be a... 
Do Audiophiles really like music?
What else do we listen to on our 2 channel systems? I didn't put this expensive money trap together to listen to books on tape?? 
SACD Player Shootout
Great thread and I agree with the current ranking as well. 
Do I want a sub with VR-4jr's?
I agree with Shadorne. I guess we'll have to wait until you report back, but the VS's inside of a room with boundaries actually almost covers almost everything audible. It shakes the floor without a sub. The sub offering a few of the bottom Hz wil... 
b&w 803 or vr4jr, best match
"Mcs need transparent, detailed speakers that will allow their full glory to shine through." - aball2 qualities the VR4jr's excel at. They work good with tubes or solid state. Audition if you can - don't trust us, we have our own preferences and b... 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
"your saying it's not important but it's "great".. " - pmt1209It improves the sound on all players. HDCD decoding players make it sound better, but it is nowhere near SACD, DVD-A, or even XRCD as far as improvement goes. Rob 
Aimee Mann - Lost in Space
"First of all, what a great album--one of the best I've heard in many years. It will make you suicidal but......"I couldn't agree more. I have only heard the CD version. I also like the Magnolia sound track (mostly Aimee Mann). It is decently reco...
Thanks for letting us know Krelldog! 
Why not use a PC style UPS?
What Onhwy61 said 
HDCD a flash in the pan already??
I wouldn't base a purchasing decision on it, but it's a nice bonus. My Cary 308T has it and it makes a difference. And as someone mentioned above, CDs that have no HDCD marking on them (stuff I've had without realising it), turn out to be HDCD dec... 
Do I want a sub with VR-4jr's?
I would check out a Rel Storm III, or Bagend sub. They are the easier ones to integrate IMHO. Personally, I haven't had luck making a sub work where I didn't notice there was a seperate sub attached. Great for movies though. Have you tried moving ... 
Best Jazz Albums
"My favorite is All Music Guide to Jazz. Reissued in 2004" - ElizabethDo you have a link to this. I can't find it on I am interested in checking it out. Thanks, Rob 
Do I want a sub with VR-4jr's?
It will cost you a lot to hear the last 5Hz in the audible range. Not only moneywise but trying to integrate it and messing with placement. They have very good bass, but if you need that last bit then a sub would help. I've heard it with a sub and... 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
Bob, It was intentional, because I haven't actually A,B tested lamp cord against my Analysis Plus cables. So, I don't want to make any false claims. Rob