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khartago v. rotel 1070 power amp
"I am looking at possibly upgrading to the RB-1080 but am waiting unitl the fuse/capacitor issues are worked out."What is this about? I'm curious because I have the RB1080 sitting in my closet. I need to sell, but I like it to much to. Rob 
Rega P25 vs VPI Scout
Afro 18 has a good point. If you get a good deal on the HW-19 Mk IV and Dyna 17D cart., you will be at the 95 percentile of the best out there for a very low price, but I would be careful buying used, especially cart. Cuz it could be at the end of... 
Why would you risk it?
It makes sense to insure anything that would be costly enough to really make a dent if something happens. I haven't always done so, but since you brought this thread up, I will probably do so from now on. Thanks for the heads up. 
buyer beware of late
Anything over $1,500 - I always buy locally, pay cash and see what I'm getting by picking it up. Anything else is too risky. But mostly I buy through my dealer. His advice and support is worth paying retail or slightly below. 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
Bob P. plug in an Analysis Plus Oval IC and you will get better sound than your lamp cord or DIY wire I imagine. This thread is turning into - it's better/it's not better and I don't think I have more faith in DIY or less. So, nice thread, but the... 
If $ was no object what speaker would you buy?
The Von Schweikert VR-11's $120,000Unfortunately, money is an object that doesn't grow on trees. 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
"Accordingly, different wire "recipes" can sound slightly different. But you CAN diy cables & obtain satisfactory results..."- GregmGreg, Thanks for the information. When you say satisfactory, does that mean they will better JPS labs or Analys... 
Always ON?
Tubes I turn on 1/2 hour to 1 hour before listening. I leave my phono preamp on all the time. I have a Sony XA777ES that I leave on all of the time because it has been modded with black gate capacitors, and they take hours to warm up. I'm talking ... 
Rega P25 vs VPI Scout
The Scout is more of a Giant Killer and the Rega is a good TT for it's price. You decide. 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
"But as Trelja says, JPS just buys whatever it is from someplace like Belden (which undoubtedly calls it something different), probably for pennies a foot--or a bit more if you want a custom insulation job, which is where that extra-special "diale... 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
If anyone knows the source, please let me know becuase I would be interested in saving some money by DIY. Much appreciated. I like the JPS sound more than most cables, so I might be a convert if I can find the materials. 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
Mapleleafs3, Would you share your design so that we can try it and judge for ourselves? I would be happy to take you up on it. If your right, I'd be a happy camper saving money. from the jpslabs website:"The wire used in our designs is a proprieta... 
Miss your audio when traveling?
Audiotomb - I think loseing 12,000 LPs is trivial when put into perspective to what happened. All of this audio stuff is insignificant in a situation like that. "if you compare up, you are miserableif you compare down, you are greatful God Bless"-... 
Von schweikert vr4sr up against mahler
Ozzy62, you caught me - unfortunately their bass sucks as downunder was saying ;) 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
"If you've ever tried DIY. You wouldn't be asking me these questions." - gmood1I've tried power cables and the solid silver interconnects both formulas from the TNT audio website. They were ok, but did not compete with any of the modestly priced c...