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Von schweikert vr4sr up against mahler
"02-07-06: DownunderMelm, In my system the VS 4.5's could never really get any deep bass and the midrange / treble was very trasparent but ultimately fatiguing - much like hifi.The mahlers just sounded better."You should have read the manual on ho... 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
Gmood1, How is it cheap to test several different wires and hospital grade components without buying several different sets of wire and several different connectors (hospital grade) to try out, parts and shipping costs? Are you really saving money... 
Miss your audio when traveling?
buy an mp3 player. ipods aren't the only ones out there and Shure e3's - for a modest price and without all the hastle of an amp and cables, you'll have a fun (sound isolating) way to listen to music while on the plane or in the hotel. It's not yo... 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
LOL Rumney510! 
DIY cables Vs Mass market cables.
As you can see DIY is not as easy as it seems. The manufacturers have the advantage of testing different combinations and honing in on the best one. DIYers have the disadvantage of everyone having a different opinion and trying to find a formula t... 
Question For Von Schweikert VR4 Jr Owners
I agree about the bass problem that you might have. It's not so much the rear ambiance driver, because you don't need much of that to make a big difference, but the bass would be boomy most likely. Mine are about 3 feet out and have solid tight ba... 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
Rumney510, "Put your system out in the open so everyone can enjoy it - women and children also."That sounds good in theory, but I imagine that if you decide you want to listen to what you want to listen to at the time and volume you want to listen... 
Are we all destined to be "womenless" audiophiles?
I agree with Honest1. Threads that I've read with women involved, always seem to have guys groping and acting like awkward jr. high boys that don't know what to say but are trying for their attention with stupid jokes that are painful to read. It'... 
best rock voices
Steven Tyler 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
Let us know what you decide, or what you think. Good luck! 
Most Honest Audio Magazine?
Another hi fi+ vote. They will tell you the faults without any reservation. And you don't have to listen to foofy liberal elitism before getting to the review (actually I do enjoy that part of the review just for the bombastic fun of it). 
It only took 25 years
Wow Congratulations Longplate! I haven't searched long myself but wanted to congratulate you. 
Vinyl lovers--in case you haven't tried this yet
I think you might be running a fever. kidding. Some of the best sounding LP's I have are in Mono, but with a stereo cartridge. If I run into a mono cart. for a reasonable price, I'll take your advice and try it out. Hope you get better (or should ... 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
Congratulations! To me, the best headphones (more like earspeakers) out there. I use an ASL AQ1001DT with NOS black plate tubes and get good results. The tubes tend to add texture and eliminate some of the siblence that these headphones tend to ha... 
Best player for Poorly Recorded redbook CDs?
Jolida JD100 made my Ozzy CD (with Randy Rhoads) sound addicting and lush. It's a horribly recorded CD.