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Best rock song of all times
Let's go way back,.............. Duke of Earl, by Gene Chandler. 
On-Line Concerts for the Virus Age
Have not heard a good one yet, the sonics are simply dreadfull. 
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
Audio reviews: too many analogies, never simple, but most of all, never clear.
You hit the nail on the head,please,people ,get to the point! 
Are manufacturer AC cables good enough?
Who is this millercarbon dude? Is he some sort of  expert on all things concerning hi-fidelity? What are his credentials? 
Tweaks - An Honest Discussion
Hey Millercarbon,  change out your BDR cones, for Nordost sort cones. Just a suggestion. 
Bose 901
Oh yes ,Bose 901's. They were good in their day.Light one up and turn up the volume till the windows shatter! 
I need advice for power cords
Hey,  bac2vinyl, I'll bet ya my system sounds better than your cheap cabled set-up.  Just-sayin! 
I need advice for power cords
A shout-out to roberjerman.  You have a very limited knowledge of high-fidelity components,and cables.Remember,your system is only as good as it's weakest link.If you say power cords are just like expensive jewlery,then I guess we know where your ... 
Has anyone tried the Audience Forte F3 power cord?
Any Audience cord is a big improvement over stock power cords. Anyone who says otherwise,either has inferior equipment,or doesn't know what to listen for. 
Suspended cables
Carpet is the enemy of speaker cables. Much static build-up. Risers will help here. Bare floors, no problem. 
Higher End USB Cables
I have enjoyed Wy-Wires for years. You can spend a little or a lot. Depends on your budget. I personaly like the "Diamond" series. 
New Santana Album "Africa Speaks"
All this not a citizen of any country,but a spokesman for all of mankind? Santana should remember the roots of his music is Latin Rock. This is what most of the hardcore Santana fans want, not African mumbo jumbo.Who's with me? 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
I'll throw out this general statement. Static and electromagnetic energy degrade the end result(what comes out of your speakers).Every component is affected,cables,power cords,amps CD players,orDACS.The presence of  or lack of this energy,is why y... 
IsoAcoustics GAIA footers: impressions
The IsoAcoustic footers are amazing! Iv'e tried power conditioners,expensive cables ,and various anti-vibration items. The footers are the single biggest improvement to my system that I have expierienced.