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Power cords or power conditioner
@wheelndeal1099 I've never tried a good power conditioner - something to do in the future, for sure (if I still have money after energy bills and black market food, that is) but I've had some power cords having a deep effect on depth and width of ... 
Power cords or power conditioner
@jasonbourne52 you keep repeating yourself, like those annoying commercials between two Youtube videos. Yawn.  
Review: pop pulse class t amp 2024 Amplifier
I'm totally not surprised at your findings. I use those tiny class D amps in my massive, multi-amped horn system and they are fantastic. Even Devon Turnbull (building bespoke, 5 figures horn systems based on vintage Altec parts, and SET amplifier... 
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
Absolute neutrality shouldn't be the goal (and is unattainable) Musical enjoyment is what we are after - if you can still recognize the voice of your favorite soprano / tenor, it's all good.  
Preamps can color sound considerably. Surprising?
The preamp is the heart of my system. I use a DAC with perfect measurements and class D amplifiers, on a multi-amped fully horn loaded system. The amps by themselves sound a bit sterile, and the DAC while very good for the money doesn't add much ... 
Power Cables - Stock vs. Budget
150$ on AliExpress buys you some splendid power cords. Way better than anything made in EU or US and sold for that price. I'm constantly on a budget, so AliExpress has become my go-to place for audio cables and accessories (footers and all). Most ... 
Denafrips Iris vs ifi spdif ipurifier 2
It's difficult to answer your question, but I bought an iFi SPDIF iPurifier 2 when I had an old Revox CD player from 1990 used as a transport knowing that it would most likely really benefit from it. And indeed it did - and it did even more when I... 
What Power Cords for Rel S510 Subs?
Power cords often have more impact than any other cable. Claiming the opposite means two possibilities: -1) you haven't tried the right power cord (30$ no-name cord from eBay or Amazon usually won't do the trick) -2) you haven't tried at all (mo... 
CD Transport Question
I own the Audiolab 6000CDT and I love it. I was scared of the slot mechanism scratching CDs (apparently it is an issue with some 6000CDT) but mine works fine. However I found it to be quite sensitive to vibrations and while it sounds good as is, ... 
Which Cable Makes the Biggest Impact?
I believe there's no hard rule and it's very system dependent. Especially for power cords: the same power cord can make little to no difference on a given component and produce a "waw!!" moment when connected to another component.  I make no secr... 
Do you consider cables to be a "component" of your system?
I’ve tried cables that made more difference in sound than swapping DACs (the two DACs being relatively similar in technology and price, but showing their own subjective differences nonetheless). I own so many different cables I could easily alter... 
Silver Speaker Cables
@cakyol No one here needs to be saved by you, but thanks anyways. Now can we move on?  
Anyone using 2 preamps in their rig?
Nah. Get a preamp that offers the best of both. A preamp is the heart of the system, it can make or break it. Get the very best you can afford.  
Interconnects - better before preamp or after preamp?
As a temporary situation put the better cable after the source. But later on you should also get the best possible between preamp and amps.   
I would at least try the new Gustard R26 discrete R2R. Much cheaper, looks very promising.