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Streamer upgrade? follow up.
The Wiim Pro is out and flying. Audiophile-grade with coax and optical out, bit perfect with hi res. $150 If USB is a necessity this won't be your cup of tea to test.  Add some LPS and fiber, and let’s duel it out. 🤹🏼 No regrets here at this cos... 
I have NOVA V's and I am not happy
Taunting the guy for selling isn’t helpful. Sounds like a bad match of amp and speakers to the room.   
New DAC or New Streamer?
Streamer. Sonore has great products. Another route: the new Wiim Pro plus the fiber with FMCs and LPS. Inexpensive, great software and great sound.   
IFi Zen Stream with Qobuz
Audirvana 2.2 works well UPnP with DLNA and should work well with the Zen Stream. I'm using it right now in my system but don't use the ZS. I've heard the Zen Stream is tricky setting up as AIO (All In One) is the best way to get started. But I w... 
Network streamer that works with Android and Pandora
The Wiim Pro is now available too. $150 via Amazon.   
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
I thought this thread was about the Holo streamer.   
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
Forget the broken record vaporware. Wiim Pro is now released. Rock solid software updated all the time. Bit perfect Hi Res. Roon by years end.   Price: $150.  
HoloAudio STREAMER is out now
Color aside, the criticism is overblown. This is a DDC and Streamer so it will have appeal to people looking for both. It has USB input as well. It's clearly a challenge to the Node universe and a new entry in the Streamer options. Personally, I'... 
Thought I’d share: Nicely done and practical DAC review
Like the kid. He’s really trying and the production of some of his videos are simply fantastic. His eval on the Schitt Modi for $99 is one and the RME-ADI-2 are superb   I bought both and his efforts were spot on          
Recommendations for good sounding streamer
Whim Pro Streamer will be out later this month. Bit perfect delivery with excellent streaming options for under $160. It’s going to change the space.   
Qobuz Hi-Rez Not Necessarily the Best Sound
Actually, this is not unusual. SACD suffered a similar fate when compressed 44K files were updated for the new format. While some releases were beyond impressive (Dave Brubek's Take 5 for example) others from the Stevie Ray Vaughn catalog were not... 
DACs that do well without a preamp
Yet another big vote for the RME ADI-2. It is super in my big tube mono block amps. There’s no turning back and RME sends regular software upgrades.    Just an unbelievable value.   
Hans Beekhuyzen - Why High Rez?
Yes, my entire family was flown in from the bat caves in southern China. Thank you Dr. Fraudci.   
Hans Beekhuyzen - Why High Rez?
I have golden bat ears so I can't live without 192. But that's only me.   
Looking for a DAC under 2k
Another vote for the RME ADI-2. It has a multitude of functions and adjustments so you can get any lively sound you want, store it in memory and use it and others as you wish.  There's more. DACs have a main use but the RME can also be used as a ...