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Ethernet connection for best sound quality
@vinylshadow I have Empire streamer/DAC. It is hands down the best sounding streamer/DAC I have owned besting the Lumin X1 using it's fiber input. Unfortunately I may be selling it as a business opportunity has come up.  
What are my options for music files, CD rips, and a DAC all-in-one solution?
@vinylshadow Yes the Mytek Empire is awesome sounding! I can't speak for the Aurrender A30, but i can for the N10 and the Empire is much better sounding. Yes, it is 6K more then the A30, but also includes a full balanced preamp and a very good pho... 
Best "Budget" / "bang for my buck" 2-channel amp and speakers can I get new?
+1 for Philharmonic Audio BMR Tower. Great speakers, I like them better then my Persona 3f’s that were 4x the price. Much better bass and sweeter highs. $2700  
Integrated Amp Suggestions
NAD M33. Has 2 sets of binding posts. With the right dealer, you can find for under 3600  
Ridiculous sale
Right Now just about every used car and a lot of new cars are selling for more then blue book or MSRP. I sold my Tesla last year for 8K more then I paid new. Supply and demand my friends  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
@niodari the AGD amps are not hybrids, they are Class D using GaN devices for output packaged in a "tube". Check them out on there website.    
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
@ricevs AGD has never tried to pass this on as a "Vacuum Tube" or "valve", they have called it a "GaNTube" and it is a real GaNtube. The new stereo amp is a totally new platform, not the same even thought the output is still interchangable. @mark... 
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
@markmuse I think you are the first person I ever heard describe an AGD amp as "Thin". Did you give them time to settle in? Did you use a good power cord? I can't speak for the Audion, but my GV's are far from thin. Also, the tube is not fake, it ... 
AGD Tempo in the house
Technics and Lyndorf to name a few are digital. Even the manufacturer states this.  
AGD Tempo in the house
@atmasphere you are correct in most cases, but some class D amps are digital.  
AGD Tempo in the house
Scott, Glad to hear you finally have heard an AGD amp. Wait till you hear the Grand Vivace! If you ever want to hear the GV, you know where to find me.  
McIntosh -- good for show, not for sound, says dealer
Mikey is nothing but a used car salesmen. He only likes the brands that he sells. Once he looses the brand, he starts to crap on them. AGD for example. For many years he loved AGD, now looses the brand, and decides to put out a video comparing the... 
AGD Audio Mk2 review
@ddriveman I have the Persona 3f's. I do like them a lot, BUT....lately I have the bug to try another speaker.    
AGD Audio Mk2 review
@ddriveman I have the AGD Grand Vivace's and absolutely love them! I'm not a SET or tube guy for that matter, but they were still game changing amps for me. I have the Andante Pre/Dac which is also  a wonderful piece!  
Selling off Tubes for Solid State, A Cooler Love Story?
+1 for AGD. I had the Vivace and now have upgraded to the Grand Vivace, very happy with them.