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Devore Nines and amp match
Love my Devore nines! Currently enthralled with the Almarro A318B pairing, wonderful timbre and dynamics, midrange, bass you name it (and only 2 input tubes to roll!) Also have Leben (more than enough power in my room), and had elekit and line mag... 
I am also a used CD buyer/ripper/Roon advocate. My PC was setup once and is reliable, I rip right to the Roon watched folder, auto-backup to the cloud (IDrive), manually to an external USB drive, and store CDs in sleeves. I don’t miss facing 1200 ... 
good preamp for First Watt F7
I used a Manley shrimp (well matched impedance for a tube pre),  wyred4sound STP SE, and B1 (DIY) preamps with my F7, first 2 worked great, better than the B1 to my ears. Good luck! 
Music lover or audiophile?
Having nice gear let’s me enjoy the music more. Hearing more of what the players are doing with their instruments makes me feel closer to the performance and to what their intentions were when making it, and nicer gear maximizes that capability. I... 
Take up drums at age 56?
Definitely do it! I was unemployed after my business failed in 2001 so to keep sane while seeking work I did what I’d always wanted to do and took drum lessons (age 40 at the time). Bought an older Ludwig kit and some cymbals from my teacher, had ... 
2019 300B tubes that are worth the money?
The Genalex Gold Lion PX300B ($218/pair on made a nice upgrade from the Shuguang tubes (basic version) that came with my Elekit TU-8600, and they are generally highly rated for their price/performance. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
+1 dbpoweramp, ripped over 1200 CDs FLAC uncompressed on a Windows 10 machine that is also my Roon core, never any issues. 
Really...My favorite power tube is reissue that's not widely popular
I put the 7581As in my elekit 8200 and they really took the sound up a notch (compared to NOS el34s I had in there prior) - love the punchy dynamism with no harshness. Thanks for the recommendation! 
Metrum Onyx versus Metrum Pavane
I can’t comment on the Pavane but I feed my Onyx from the baby Ambre via spdif and it sounds better than when I had the USB connection from SoTM sms-200 (which was itself improved when I went through a schiit eitr to convert to spdif prior to gett... 
First DAC: Metrum-MHDT-Rega-or?
I love and have had Metrum DACs for years, but I would also love to try the border patrol DAC which comes up used in your price range sometimes. I recommend the coax SPDIF connection at that price point because adding all the USB reclockers and th... 
Which area of components to spend the most $ on? Boy I was wrong all my life!
+1  - or a nice double IPA, I’ve written as much over at, the best tweak you can make! 
Which area of components to spend the most $ on? Boy I was wrong all my life!
This is a great thread, thanks OP! It seems like every time I upgrade a component I perceive a meaningful difference (good or bad!). In a haphazard way (which is fun, it’s a hobby after all!) I get a better overall system, through trial and error ... 
Joseph Audio RM-33LE vs DeVore Gibbon 8, my experience.
What about trying the super 8 or the nines? I now have the nines after moving from gibbon 8 to super 8 then to nines, it will solve your bass issue! I listen to jazz, through a firstwatt F7 amp and it’s wonderful... 
F7 ?speakers
I am driving Devore the nines with my F7, you might want to try his O/93 which I bet will be great too. I never even get into the gain of my wyred4sound stp-se (stage 2) with decent volumes. 
Metrum Dac owners
I have hooked up the UpTone regen between the SOtM and the Onyx and it improves the renderer’s sq, especially in the bass. I use a curious USB cable, AudioQuest’s Columbia XLR interconnects to my preamp, and a shunyata black mamba power cord into ...