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Amp suggestions for Audio Research LS-16
Tubegroover- How often do you need to replace the tubes in the D-115 Mk2? I was considering the VT-100 MkII, but was concerned with how often the tubes need replacing. Also how hot does the unit get? Thanks for all your suggestions. 
Auric Illuminator, Optrix, others
When I upgraded my system, over half my cd's sounded terrible (especially rock, etc). The system was so detailed that it wasn't forgiving of poorly recorded cd's. I thought I'd never listen to over half my cd collection. I tried the Auric Illumina... 
Best A/V Receiver up to $1200.00?
I use a Nakamichi AV10 with NHT 2.5i speakers, Mirage OM3 center channel, M&K 70b subwoofer and NHT SuperOne rear speakers. Excellent sound, plenty of power for this set-up. It also sounds great for two channel stereo with the NHT 2.5i.