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EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
It would be helpful if someone would set up a web-page.If you use the Phillips transport, does it still playDVD's after it is modified? Would one still want to useit for DVD's? Can one plug a DVD player into the DAC6and will it decode DD and DTS? ... 
Amplifier Recommendation for B&W Nautilis 804
I also agree with wiggle --If you like B & W Speakers, consider upgrading tothe N803's or N802's. In my opinion, there is a bigjump in quality from the 804's to the 803's, especiallyin the depth and tightness of the bass, but also in theoveral... 
Is 3 CH with a HT pre/pro better than 2 Channel
If you feel your room is big enough for Revel Salons,I'm confused as to why you think it is too small fora 5.1 system. Personally, I think your room is bigenough for a 5.1 system. All your speakers don't haveto be as big as your Salons. It's all a... 
Amplifier Recommendation for B&W Nautilis 804
agree -- plinius sa-102 or sa-250. plinius + B & W = great match. 
Up grading speaker help
you should go with the ones that sound better to you 
Ive got me the Digital Nasties
Darryl --What is your set-up, how long have you had it, andwhat sort of digital nasties are you experiencing?A few weeks ago, I added Krell FPB 350 MCX monosto my system and started experiencing some harsh-ness in the high end.I've done a few thin... 
EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
Tireguy -- Excellent information -- thanks! 
The Fastest most musical amp
Stehno -- excellent points. 
Is buildiing a HT around the speakers a good start
Also, since your preference is 80% movies, check outthe Lexicon MC12b surround processor. The new version uses the 32 bit Sharc chips. 
Is buildiing a HT around the speakers a good start
If I could add to Jeff's thoughts -- two front speakersplus a Center channel and sub-woof will provide youwith 90% of the sound you need for home theatre.If you listen to music in two channel and movies insurround and you have a wife to consider -... 
Need Input and Advise on Pre/Pro Please?
Proceed is being folded into Mark Levinson, whosay they will continue to offer and support the AVP2.If it the ability to have the AVP repaired -- Mark Levinsonand Madrigal -- the parent company of both brandsisn't going anywhere. 
EMM Labs DAC6 vs. latest version dCS
Tireguy --Did you order a transport with the DCC2? Can you plug the DAC 6 or DCC2 straight into youramps, or do you still need a pre-amp? If the price of the DAC6 and DCC2 are the same,but the DAC 6 has a lot of extras -- why purchasethe DCC2? Why... 
Speaker Decision Help--Please
Totally agree with derrill. Both the Revel F-30's andB & W 803's are great speakers, but the B & W issignificantly better than both the F-30 and the B & W804's. The F-30's are not as coherent as the 803'sand there is a huge drop-off fr... 
Question on 2 channel vs 5 channel amps ?
I have an Anthem MCA-50 which is 5 X 225. Recently,I added Krell 350 MCX monos to the front two channels.Huge improvement in two-channel listening. Duringmovies, the center channel is conspicuously differentin quality from the from L & R. Even... 
need input about speaker & interconnect cables
Sorry to go off-topic, but....I'm curious -- how do you like the Krell and Audio Aerocombo? I've got Krell 350 MCX's, I am looking fora CD player and I am really curious about the AA.