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What direction should Hi Fi tune fuse be installed
Point the fuses towards ebay to see if someone is crazy enough to waste his money, then put yours away and don't waste it again. 
What great speakers can buy direct?
Von Schweikert 
Tube amp power watts equivalent to Solid State?
Just don't spend $1k to ground your system,save for really good fuses. 
What Power Cord can improve clarity and bass slam?
Boy, if this hobby was just that easy. Don't waist your money,buy more music that's well recorded. 
Static electricity....again
In the telecom industry we always use a grounding strap which in our case is connected to the rack. In your case buy a strap which fits like a bracelet on your wrist and connect to the grounding screw of a grounded outlet and put it on before touc... 
Ground / drain wire?
I've installed many instruments and measuring devices along natural gas pipelines. Any standard used in the industry that I have seen has the drain connected at the source only to drain any noise or stray current away from equip. 
What is best sub to match with Magnepan?
I recently took one of my Velodyne HT subs to a friends home for audition, also to show him what he's missing with his Maggie 12's. I thought the F1200 sub integrated very nice. They are very cheap on the used market,or if you want to spend a litt... 
Mitsubishi DA-15 / DA-M10
You could try play it again sam in lakewood ohio. Not cheap but they may be able to help you. Try 
keeping amps cool?
I use a 24v muffin fan run at 12v and set it on my Mac c2200 tube preamp wired to a door switch that turns on when in use. Works well sucking heat from within chassis. 
Hi-rez downloads, any good?
Like cd's(Ex Anything by Patricia Barber compared to just about any other cd)reel to reel tapes and vinyl if their mastered nicely they will sound good. You have to evaluate each or at least ask questions on the audio forums to get an idea,most us... 
subwoofer 60Hz buzz
I had a hum from an 8 ft rca run, tried a shorter cable and rerouted away from ac cables. No problems now. 
Sound bar turns off every 25 minutes but why?
Could an auto off feature be doing this. To rule it out check the settings. As long as it receives a signal auto off should not be in play but you never know. 
what is the theory behind maple stands and racks?
You want hard over a soft maple variety. Hard maple comes in with a 1450 harndness rating compared to red maple 950 or silver maple 700. Beech is a nice choice,straight grained and hard,1300. 
Which components to isolate
Gold is third best conductor after silver and copper. gold is used for connections where oxidation is problematic. 
Best Place to order cd`s
I'm sure the record companies never cheat the consumer.