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NOS tubes For my Rhea
Hi all...I am looking for the contact number for Aesthetix but can't locate them. Anyone have it???? Tks! 
Tubes for my Aesthetix Calypso
thanks Jperry 
R.I.P. Joe Grado
Sad...he was a master at his work. The signature 2 and 3 were stunning!!! He, along with Harry, Mike Kay.....Bill....J Gordon........ahhhhh what the heck! Let's say a prayer! 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
Thank you all for your responses and advise! I must say that both Brent Jessee and Andy Bowman were so helpful.....I made my decision. Now I have another question that I will post on a new thread. 
vintage versus modern speakers
Just my 2 cents......Yes, I must say the speakers of today are better then the speakers of "vintage". But like Mofimadness, I currently own Infinity RS 1B's and still admire them. If I were to replace them today....I believe I would have to spend ... 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Ladycharnet....very interesting. Like Ctsooner....any pics and more info???Thanks Rick (RWD) 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
Thank you Jim and Nonoise.....I am interested in NOS but some of these tubes are quite expensive. As you know Jim,,,the Rhea has 10 we're taking 1K plus (or more). And I also understand that the better the tube .... the better the sou... 
NOS tubes For my Rhea
Hi all again! Before I call Andy at Vintage Tube (I suspect he is very knowledgeable but expensive) has anyone bought tubes for the Rhea (or anything else) from Upscale Audio???Thanks all!Rick (RWD) 
Harry Pearson
I knew Harry. Not extremely well, but I spent time with him and got to know him. He was complicated and fascinating. He also had a deep belief in a High Power (not him HP)but avoided that subject as best as possible. Perhaps more later. 
Genesis 350 vs Infinity Gamma
I would get the 350's. If you can find a 350se at a good cost.....jump!! 
My wife passed yesterday
With all my prayers!!! 
Genesis 350 vs Infinity Gamma
Are they 350se's or 350's? 
NY Audio Show September 26th to September 28th
Hi Mark.....welcome back! 
Adding a second MC275 VI, is it worth it?
Hi Erick,As mentioned I have 2 275's driving only my mid/twitters of my RS 1B's. Jumping from one MC 275 to two was a difference. It did provide a bit more power but I was surprised how powerful only one 275 was!!! Yes a difference but not a major... 
Running two MC275's in mono
Hummmm.....not mine?? I think there are extremely natural with my speakers (Infinity RS 1B's).Rick