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Coincident Pure Reference Extreme
Hi Bob...can you explain a bit more what you mean about the "dead cabinet" sound? Is this an asset to you or not? Just curious. Tks! 
Coincident Pure Reference Extreme
Hi all....hi Gpgr4blu...Thanks for the compliment on my system. I made some changes and never updated the photos or description. My main amps are 2 (two) MacIntosh 275 running mono. My pre amp is a Calyspo and my TT is the TWR Raven AC1 with a Tri... 
Coincident Pure Reference Extreme
Hi JWM......actually my speakers are quite far out into the room (3-4 feet?) but you're correct about the separation. I actually can't move then anymore since they would be blocking the front door. I sit approx. 6-8 feet from the main speakers. I ... 
Coincident Pure Reference Extreme
Thank you all for some very candid comments!! Keep 'em coming!RWD (Rick) 
Coincident Pure Reference Extreme
I am lucky as I live in NYC and one of the dealers is in Manhattan. I am curious to hear from people who have heard these speakers to see if there is a good reason to stop by and give them a listen. I probably will anyway....but would love to hear... 
Best Used Amps. for Infinity RS-1B Speakers
In my system I use two (2) Mac 275 ver 5 on the top and a Perreaux 3150 on the bass. I am very happy!!!RWD 
Will anyone do a report on the RMAF???
Thanks Bombay....nice info and write-up. I suppose Coincident did not show their flagship speaker , their reference??Rick 
Will anyone do a report on the RMAF???
Quad-man, what was your impressions regarding the Coincident Top of the line speakers??? 
Rhea vs Pass XP-15
Dhcod,Yes very well put and clear! I totally agree that the Rhea puts the flesh on the bone sort of speak! 
Rhea vs Pass XP-15
Just my 2 cents....I have an original Rhea and I have had no noise problem .....ever. I vote Rhea...! 
MC5200 or a MC275 with preamp
Like Pdreher, I also own (2) MC 275 running mono for my Infinity RS 1-B's on the mids and top end. I also have the Calypso pre and Rhea phono...magic!!!!RWD (Rick) 
Coincident Statement Pre Vs Aesthetix Calypso Pre
I also have the Calypso/Rhea and 2 MC 275's! VERY happy!!! 
Merrill amps at Audiophile Society meeting
Mark, I also was impressed with the amps. Dave's Pipedreams sounded the best I've heard and I suspect the amps had a good deal to do with it.Rick (RWD) 
MC 275 tube amps with what speakers ?
I have 2 MC 275 mkV. I use them in mono configuration to drive the top end of my Infinity RS-1B's. Plenty of power in my 16 X 26 room.Rick (RWD) 
SF Elipsa vs Verity Audio Sarastro 2?
Interesting...hummmm. Any comments??? Someone must own either one of these great speakers???