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Highwater Sound
I too agree. Jeff is BS!!!! He recently repaired a minor issue with my TT and was committed to making me happy with the results. A ture example of quality all the way!!!! 
LP's and music at the recent NY Show
Thank you for your commet about the Infinity's. Yes, I enjoy them. I am just beginning to listen to "Romantic" Howard Hanson on the old Mercury Living Presence SR90192. Just finished listening to "Byrd at the Gate" Origional Master Recording.RWD 
Great Amp Suggestion for Aesthetix Calypso
My Calypso is running with two MacIntosh MC 275's in mono and they work perfectly!!RWD(Rick) 
Aesthetix Rhea?
I also have an origional Rhea. Love it. Go for it.Rick 
Top Ten Speakers of All Time?
I just revisited this thread...I MUST add the Sound Lab speakers. I heard the M-1's ......great! 
Infinity RS 1b the one with 4 Towers - Recommend?
FBI...that's good to know. Is that better then the foam?? 
Infinity RS 1b the one with 4 Towers - Recommend?
Thank you Tim for the advice! Believe it or not, my surrounds are in good shape. I hopw they last!!! 
Infinity RS 1b the one with 4 Towers - Recommend?
I have just renovated my home. We re-painted the entire inside of the house and in my living/dining room did “wall-to-wall” carpeting. We also eliminated some unnecessary furniture.Since I am not a technical person and the Infinities are a bit unu... 
FBI......thanks for your kind apology. I also have a pair of RS1-B's. Have you done any mods to the active crossover? If so, could you tell me what you did?Thanks RWD (Rick) 
Aesthetix Calypso vs ARC LS25 MK2
Swapping out the Calypso tubes is easy and inexpensive......right? They only have 2 12ax7's per channel. What was your final decision on tubes??? 
Aesthetix Calypso vs ARC LS25 MK2
so would I!!! 
And to you and all as well! 
Shun Mook Record Weight
Thanks for the info. Now the big question......I recall the Shun Mook being quite expensive. What compares to it today that is less expensive then the Mook??? 
Sad news for VPI - from their Facebook page...
Dear Harry and Family,My praayers are with you and your entire family.Peace......Rick 
OK all you Infinity RS 1A/1B Beta speaker owners..
Thank so much for the feedback. However, I did hear that you CAN use another xover in the convential manor. I did not do that. I am using my origional one.Funny that this post came up again! I was going to post the following.....Listened to my RS ...