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dedicated outlet cost
also I've heard dedicated outlets separated by power and pre amp, or digital and analog? How should these be plugged in? Poweramp, preamp, cd player, dac. 
What tube amp for starting out?
Hybrid amps like Counterpoint with solid state output would require less care (biasing, tube life) compared to all- tube amps 
How hot should a McCormack DNA-225 get?
why doesn't dna225 have a soft start circuit? 
preamp to go with counterpoint amp
"SA" hybrid mosfet/tube amp. I agree it sounds veiled... I don't know if because of the age of the component.Would a change in preamp would help this? Or an upgrade 
Hard drive storage still need good cd player?
but using a hi quality dac converter like audioengr sells is expensive and doesn't save any money over a cd player. Also sonos and similar boxes tested haven't had noticeably lower jitter. 
Shutting off amp noise
No its a soft pop, like if you turn off the preamp before the amp.I think it could be my (loose) rca connectors, one of them created a buzzing noise when loose. 
squeezebox vs sonos
how do these sound compared to (your) cd transport + dac? 
Transferring PC sound files to mac
I think it'll work. Thanks saves me lots of time! 
What is the Wavelength Audio house sound?
T7278mw, what did you discover about the sound? 
subwoofers or not for bookshelfs?
To high pass the main speakers, I need a home theater pre/processor? What is good for 2 channel music? 
subwoofers or not for bookshelfs?
but many people say rel subs are best for music, so would this mean it would sound better than oem subs acoustically speaking? 
DIY Sub vs Big Name Subs
how did your northcreeks compare to name brand speakers/subs? 
Seeking hot running amps
This is not just for warming my room, also listening to music. 
Benchmark Dac 1 vs Bel Canto Dac 2 ?????????????
How do I know the version, does it say on the back or is there software upgrade 
how to tell when stylus worn?
Also what is the average life (hours or years) of a stylus played daily?