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audio shop repair costs
I ask because a cd player laser part costs $26 and belt .50, but I heard to repair it costs $$$ from manufacturer.How much do you think repairing a cd laser costs in a repair shop? 
Dedicated CD player or multi-plr for 90 music ?
I have the same question 
shipping speakers
which air freight companies are recommended for shipping speakers?is bax good? 
Plasma motion artifacts with satellite TV
My receiver was on 16:9, I think its better at 4:3 width. 
How long do speakers last?
Once I had clipping problems (5 seconds) but it sounds OK. Did that damage the speaker? Can any good audio repair shop refurbish these speakers?Or should I bring to speaker rebuilder? (I live in Los Angeles) 
Bryston B60 - Is it worth it?
Is this a powerful amp for 60 watts? 
Plasma motion artifacts with satellite TV
There's no component hookup, this is standard def receiver. Interlaced source (standard television) is not good. But looks good with dvds. I got this TV really cheap 2 years ago online and it took 1-2 months to received- maybe slightly defected tv... 
How long do speakers last?
These are dcm time windows. (not sure model) 
Plasma motion artifacts with satellite TV
Thanks for your help. I guess its not TV but satellite (dish network/svhs) connection because yesterday I had many satellite connection errors and problem occurs intermittently. (today tv worked well). 
what is the REAL deal with DK
(I have only listened to solid state amps before).I listen to classical music. I listened 1/2 hour in store with theta cd playerand 3 different bookshelf speakers. I think it sounds pleasant, not accurate...I guess thats how tubes sound.If I would... 
Difference between Audio Research PH3 and ref
Yes, how they compare to each other? 
Difference between Sonic Frontiers SFS and power
How does this compare with Counterpoint SA series amps? 
Naim Cd Players
how does this compare to other famous ones- Wadia, levinson, meridian, accuphase? 
What is PRaT
I am not sure. Guessing- presence, rhythm, attack, etc. 
Grado cartridge preamp gain
I played a record through Conrad Johnson PF2 phono/preamp (Gain: Phono Stage 40, 46, or 52 dB selectable, phono overload 65 mV at 1kHz) the volume was very quiet, compared to CD/tape. (I don't know the current setting of the gain) If this is becau...