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best musical pre/pro for about 3000.
If 2 channel is what you mean by "musical" with the processing included,then EAD Encore(new) Ovation(used)Proceed,or even the BK Reference 30.The MC1 is subpar for 2 channel,but probably one of the best for HT. 
Multi-channel Sony SACD player
Sony introduced it at CES.If my memory is correct I believe the price point was 400 dollars.It is suppose to be available later this year. 
EAD Signature,Proceed AVP or Lexicon MC1
If 2 channel is important you can rule out the Lex as it is the weak link.It shines for HT but not for 2 channel.The EAD is the winner for 2 channel followed by the Proceed.For HT both units are about equal. 
Is this a good turntable?Ariston RDH5
That site seems to be down,but thank you anyway.