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EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic
The Signature versions had NO video whatsoever(so RF is no problem) unlike the Ovations and Encores(which was an outsourded piece).I have owned all of them and as a dealer I am shooting myself in the foot by not telling you to buy and 8800,but the... 
EAD lovers: tell me about the $10K TM Sig Classic
Essentialy based off of the 9000 MKIII dac(same Chassis) has the best dac chips ever made the 63k BBs,Teflon boards,,nothing but the best parst available were used,all hand made,and depending on what stage unit you have ,full DTS for DVDs and with... 
EAD DSP 7000 MKIII manual
I believe you can get it off the website under past products at 
rca to bnc adaptors- does it hurt the sound??
The adapters will change the actual ohms.So if you have a 75 Ohm cable and add the adapter it will change it. 
Does someone know EAD?
Boehlen Electronics used to be the Old EAD in Fairfield Iowa and they do all the upgrades 641-469-5092 
Hum in a Kora Eclipse phono section
Balckie Pagano at know the Koras and was (is) the repair center for the east coast 
EAD 7000 digital flywheel?
Try contacting Boelen Electronics(the original maker of EAD )and while you are at it have modofied with Black gates and soft recovery diodes and you will be shocked how good the 7000 is. 
EAD 7000 digital flywheel?
If is is not an MKIII then it does not have the Digital flywheel.That was added only to the MKIII versions of all their dacs. 
How about Goldmund SPR2.3 preamplifier ?
The MImesis 2 is a no brainer,no remote but a great pre. 
Von Schweikert VR-4jr owners, your thoughts?
At their price point they do most things very well and as stated have very good overall balance .They work eaqualy well with tubes a SS which is also another plus. 
Goldmund 18D
If you are not planning on using DVI save yourself a lot of money and just get the 18.Very good universal player,great transport. 
Goldmund vs. Atma-Sphere
I am a Goldmund dealer,and Pass Labs are very good but if you want transparency and midrange the Goldmuund wins hands 2 cents and many others who own the Stellavoxes. 
Custom Made Dust Covers? rate guy,first rate work. 
Are vintage speakers really that good?
I could not agree more with Sean.It amazing some of the so called "audiphile speakers" that are available today for big dollars than can be outirgihtly be beat by some older "vintage"speakers that cost minimal amounts.I even have a pair of Sotas T... 
Von schweikert vr3 or 3.5 which is better
Neither are(were) made in China.The VR3 is an older version which was very good at it's price point.The VR 3.5 also discontinued has later driver technology and in my opinion are a more dynamic speaker.I have seen demos and used ones on the GON on...