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plasma on line ????
You buy a Plasma on line you will have NO warrantee NO MATTER what they tell you.Companies like Fujitsu will NOT honor any warrantee.Call them,they will tell you themselves. 
Dan Wright "Absolute Truth" mod for SCD-1 / 777es
For those who have not heard the comparison between a a modded piece versus non modded,you are not wasting money.Though I am a dealer,I have a Philips 1000 that basicaly is an inexpensive SACD player that uses cheap parts.I had Richard Kern modifi... 
Piega of the best available....
What you can get them for now,I would agree with your statement.If you base it off the original retail,I think there was some competetion.I have like them very much and the only fault I have found with them is they seem to "sizzle" in the upper en... 
What does "transformer coupled" mean?
Sean;Such as what disadvantanges?I know of none. 
Audio Note, Vecteur, Audiomeca transports..HELP
Being a dealer for both the Audiomeca and Audio Note,the Audio Note CDT2 wins hands down simply because of the best parts used,Philips pro laser mechanism and Black Gate caps throuhgout.I have haerd the Vecteur and for money ,is not a bad piece. 
C.E.C. or Mephisto II which one should I buy
I would go with the CEC.Not nearly as nice looking as the Mepisto,but a better transport,at least in my opinion.For a little more money the Audio Note CDT1 also is a good contender. 
Most "Non-Digital" Sounding CDP
There is NO digital that I have ever heard that can come close to a good analog rig with good components.Some of the SACDS are very good but still .............. I take the vinyl. 
Usher and Kharma Speakers
In fact Ushers are not made in China.Tha cabinets are made there and the rest of the speaker crosovers,drivers,ect are made in Taiwan. 
Usher and Kharma Speakers
Nowhere near the same league.Ushers have beautiful wood work,nice workmanship,but their crossovers are terrible.Drivers are actualy very good.(even their copies of Scanspeak).The Kharma is among the very best and certainly has to rate in the top 1... 
Long IC/Short Speaker or Short IC/ Long Speaker
In most cases the Long IC with short speaker cables is the way to go. 
Is there a cd player that sounds close to an LP?
No matter what people will tell you the CD (as it stands right now) cannot come close to the same sound as a good vinyl setup can produce.CDs are convenient,and there are some good ones,but a well recorded Lp will always satisfy more. 
Audio Note, Audio Logic, Kora Hermes Dacs ?
As a dealer for AN and Kora,and have heard the others,I think the the AN 3.1 balanced is the clear winner. 
How would you characterize Herron?
As a dealer for Heron you can take what I say as you wish.My partener uses the tube pre with the SS monoblocks and loves them.He is running them with VR5 HSEs.Keith Heron has superb customer service and constantly tweeks his gear to get the most o... 
Beyond Sharp XV-Z9000U projector ?
I have seen both the Sharp and Screenplay 7200 and the INfocus wins hands down.Best DLP out so far,but not perfect.Will allow use of a scaler. 
Von Schweikert VR-1 monitor info.....
Sound very good for bookshelves,with a suprisingly large soundstge.Retail is 1k.Just got them in and number of peple are impressed at their overall liquitidy.