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Silverline?Thiels? Audio Physic?: Need guidance
The Silverlines are very good speaker.Though Aragon made (when it was Mondial)(and makes) a very good amp,it general percieved they are a hair bright,and I would concur with that.If you really love the Silverlines than you should reconsider your a... 
Spectral Transport + Audio Note 3.1 Dac- WOW
The AN CDT II needs a long time to break in.All the symptons you describe about it are that of a machine that has not broken in.There is a a very good review in AA describing exactly what you have said.After 500 hours eveything you found with the ... 
Red LED's on Kora Cosmos Reference Amps
I already answered your question in AA. 
I am looking for a smoothest sounding outboard DAC
Well the Audio Note Dacs certainly have be thrown in the mix.The 3x1 Balanced has to be one of the best I have heard.Yes I am dealer for AN but I have gone through so many DACs I honestly feel they are great. 
transport w best detail retrieval and 'weight'
Try Dampening the CDT2 Transport.I have gotten amazing results doing it.3m make an alluminum strip with ahesive on one side.go to is used in to quiet washing machines,or any household device that needs dampening for the motors.Once t... 
Difference b/w commercial and consumer plasmas
Primarily it is the the amount of RF releasec between the the comercial versus the the consumer verison.Also the digital artifact motion chips usualy are not in place in the commercial version,and the finish is not as nice. 
Anyone heard the Usher speakers?
If you are willing to throw some money into replacing the crosover,and changing the tweeters you will have a winner.The cabinetry,construction,dampening,and woofer and midrange are all first rate.The crossovers(2 per speaker)use inferior parts,and... 
Audio Physic Virgo 3 vs. Usher's Compass 8571??
Actualy the Ushers have much better cabinetry.Everything in the Ushers ae very good except their crossover.If you are willing to spend some money to get them redone then you will have a great speaker.If not the Virgo is the better buy. 
Review: ISO 1100va AC filter
As a dealer(though not for them) I have found them also to be very impressive.The initial impression was very much the same as the original poster stated.After about 200 hours they really show what they are suppose to do.With all the line conditio... 
Von Schweikert Speaker Owners: Please Read.
They are a small company,and in most respects their customer service has been good.It seems you have fallen through the cracks,and you are better off talking to Kevin or Albert,as you would be talking to the people who get it done.Paul Garner is a... 
Replacement tubes for Sonic Frontiers Line 2 SE?
Unfortunately all real good NOS tubes continue to rise in price as demand becomes greater,and supply dwindles.The Siemens,Telefunkens,Valvos,Amperex are you best bet for the SFI.THe most important tubes are your 2 gain stage ones and you can use S... 
Where to buy tweeter for Von Schweikerts?
I'm taking votes
I would agree in not spending big bucks on a CD player.The Audio Note Transport and Dac is truly amazing as is the Audio Aero for much less what a cd 12 cost.As for speakers the Kharmas are better than the Wilson Benesch(my opinion) and also you s... 
Kharma CRM 3.2F
No doubt Kharmas a great speakers and every model I have listened to have impressed me.When we get into these prices there are quite a few notable mentions.Another superb one is the Lumen Whites(Whitlelites,Whiteflames)(*yes I am dealer for them).... 
Where to buy tweeter for Von Schweikerts?
why not call or email VSA and they probably can get them for