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Anyone heard any new Von Schweikert speakers?
The VR 3.5(I am a dealer) is going to me more articualte than the 3 and you will not have the ringing problem caused by the allunimum tweeter.There are only a couple of pair left and they are being discontinued.The VR 4 gen III is no longer made.O... 
Aries and JMW 10 Arm
There is an ajustement screw that allows you to turn and ajust hight on the lift mechanism. 
Help for power conditioning of changing current
Look at the Furmans as they are used by most proffesional studios.Very good stuff. 
Benefits of Bi-Amping high-powered amps?
Save your money.I have biamped the Musician II with VSA vr7s and I could not hear any difference between running them either way.There are those who claim that verticaly biamping will improve sound more so than Horizontly biamping and again I can ... 
Audio Aero Capitole II with no serial numbers?
Bwhite.It has nothing to do with being an AA dealer.All I am saying is,I would not even consider buying a piece that expensive without some sort of protection,ie a warrantee.VAC,Krell,are very good examples of customer service.Each company has a p... 
Audio Aero Capitole II with no serial numbers?
There have been a number of private individuals,questionable dealers who have NOTHING to do with the product, trying to sell these players,ie for a friend,financial reasons,personal problems,ect.The bottom line is ANYONE who would fork out 6k(the ... 
AA Capitole 1 or 11
Most people will tell you the MKII is superior sounding,Both MKI and MII are probably some of the best single box cd players available. 
Usher speaker's power handling
Though they claim the power handling to be in the 100 to 150 range I have found them to be more efficient than what the #s read.At 45 watts the 8871s are so loud it is pretty much ear splitting.Do not be concerned on their #s as I do not believe t... 
AA Capitole MKII/ CD Burner to use with it
TPG.Obviously you do not read things correctly.It is not the other words there is absolutley nothing wrong with it.It is the type of cdrs that are being played on the Captiole.Strnge how you are the only one to totaly misconstrue that s... 
AA Capitole MKII/ CD Burner to use with it
It is not the Marantz,but the type of cdrs.The Captiole,will not read Fuji,I know for a fact.Also if the MKII is not reading any cdrs you have a old faulty chip.Contact your dealer.The chip that is suppose to be installed is a p3. 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
Well I am basing it off the fact that you have 2 chaoices.Obviously calling GAM is thw way to go.If they feel you are somewhat competent they will let you change the chip(if needed)yourself or you can send it back to them and be without a cd playe... 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
MY God we are talking about removing 6 screws.Unlike the MKI there are no wires attached to the cover.I am a dealer,and just about anyone with a scrwdriver can remove the cover.As for replacing the chip(if needed)that is another story. 
How to get my money back?
Well try an get a phone # and give him a call.The fact that he a mon member puts you in a difficult position,as Audiogon would help you with this had he been a Audiogoner.Generally speaking most transactions go very smoothly with members,and if th... 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
The only real way to find wether or not you have the new chips is to remove the cover.It is correct,that there are a# of cds that have that casue the Capitole to have this 50 mm dropoff.If it is P chip it is NOT the new chip.Take 5 minutes to find... 
Von Schweikert VR5 or Aerial 10T
Yes I am a dealer,but the 10ts are a step behind the the VR5s.Probably about equal in HT but the VR5s take a giant step forward in 2 channel.My 2 cents.