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Von Schweikerts or Coincidents or ?
The VSAs are terrific with tubes.I use them with an Audio Aero Capitole amp and would never go back.I also switch out the pre with a Blue Circle BC9 and Orpheus Lab SS and it pretty close to heaven.The VSAs are very quick and natural sounding. 
Best sound at Stereophile show.
The Clinton room did not have the production Audio Aero Capitole MKII.This was the prototype used in the Frankfurt show.Though there was some seriously expensive equipment in the room,money doesn't nesecarely buy great sound. 
What were your SACD impressions at NY show?
On the other hand the Von Schweikert room with Spectron and the the 6 channel hard drive full DSD transfer was stunning,though too loud.If 6 channel were done that way all the time than I would seriously consider it. 
Best sound at Stereophile show.
Not nessecarily in this order,Roman/Plinius,Spectron/Von Schweikert (if there was just emough true DSD transfers done correctly in multichannnel it would really be terrific)Lamn/Kharma,Merlin/Joule and for a small setup that does not cost and arm ... 
Any feedback on the NY Audio Show NYH?
I agree with Dolphin.I did not think the Karma/Lamn room was all that bad.The VSA 6 cahnnel room probably had the largest waiting line throughout the whole show.Great sound,but WAY too loud.The Merlin/Joule room was very good.The Roman/Plinius roo... 
Wadia 861 or Aero Capitole MK1?
The Capitole MKII is suppose to be in some dealers hands early next week. 
Which CD Players Are both Warm and Detailed
Audio Meca Keops,Audio Aero Prima are also very good. 
Tube Pre amp or Solid Pre Amp
Generally,either having a tube preamp or amp mixed with the solid state piece gives superior results.You get the best of both worlds.The most widely mix is tube pre,with solid state amp.I have gotten great results the other way around though. 
Which Of The Following CD Players Are The Warmest?
Havin heard 3 of them on your list,I would say the Audiomeca is probably the most natural"warm" sounding. 
Oh where or where have all the buyers gone?
It is not just used equipment that has slowed down.As a dealer,just about anything that would be considered"hi end" has just about come to a dead stop.No doubt the Hi End market shrinks considerably every year,and a good deal of "brick and Mortar"... 
best 50 watt tube amplifier?
Well I have tried quite a few and I finally settled in the Audio Aero Capitole.As a dealer I have had the opportunity to try a good deal of amps,and without a doubt this has to rate as one of the best.A true gem. 
Von Schweikert VR-8
Speakers are totaly subjective and using the term"blow away" is totaly useless.Your ears should be the judge,as there are many speakers in that price range tha could meet your requirements.All VSA speakers deserve an audition as do the other brand... 
SACD Player?
Paying more than retail for the 777es is ridiculous.The retail on this piece was 1500.00 and has long been discontinued.If you buy into that theory, you are getting a very well built piece,but no warrantee and they do have a history of problems.Th... 
Sonus Faber Amati, who knows it?
Without a doubt the most beautifully finished speaker.As for the sound,I can a name a number of speakers in this price range that surpass them sonicaly.Again,speakers are one of the most subjective pieces in audio.Let your ears be the judge. 
Von Schweikert VR4 Gen 3 ?????
Make sure you have a large room to get their full potential.If your room is midsize the VR3.5s would probably be a safer bet.Like the previous poster said,they are great speakers.As a dealer selling many brands,I find them to equal or surpass many...