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Amp recommendation in the $6000 range
jl35 - can you share the difference between X250.5 and X250.8, positive and negative please? 
Amp recommendation in the $6000 range
Yeah those VTL caught my attention as well, it's one I'll put on my list.Been hearing mixed reaction from the new Pass .8 series, I know the  X250.8 did really well at the recent EXPONA according to TAS. 
Amp recommendation in the $6000 range
I'm surprised the 500 watt Rowland M312 would lack bass compared to the XA100.5, I guess we're comparing stereo to monoblocks. I had a X250.5 years ago and it sounded great which is why I'm considering Pass Labs again.What's the difference between... 
Magico Q1 versus Mini II
Peter,I'm surprise that no one has compared the two. The Q1 has been out for a while now. 
I'm using a Pass XP-15 with ZYX 4D low output and my system has never sounded better. As a few have said having a flexible phono is important, I had a fixed phono for years...the Tom Evans Groove. The XP-15 just made life a lot easier for me. 
Magico Room at RAMF How good did it sound
Ebm,Maybe, the Q1 doesn't sound better than your Mini II. A new product doesn't always mean it's better than the one it's replacing, companies do get it wrong sometimes and right the problem later on with newer models. Audio is subjective, we all ... 
Magico Room at RAMF How good did it sound
The Magico room was ok with the Q1, I was disappointed they didn't bring the Q3 or any other bigger speaker.The PMC/Bryston room was really good better than I expected. 
Review: Ultra Fi DAC-41 DA converter
Yes, a comparison to the Tranquility SE would be interesting and helpful. 
most musical DAC under 1k?
If you can stretch your budget a little, the new Ultra Fi DAC-41 should definately be on your list, it's one of the most musical DAC period (selling for $1250 introductory price). This is the successor to the Tranquility SE DAC that's received so ... 
Michell Orbe SE
Orbe SE is still a great table, I owned Michell tables a few years ago, they are still popular in the UK. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either Orbe or Gyrodec. I now own a TW Acustic which you wondered about. 
How can anyone afford this ?
I turn 32 next month, I've built my 2 systems over the last 10 years. Learning to build things on your own is extremely enjoyable and great learning experience that can take you far. I started out by restoring old Thorens turntables in my free tim... 
Magico - a new Mini?
Wow! the Q1 is not much of a looker, hopefully this is not the final product. If so, I don't see Magico selling alot of Q1's unless they're much cheaper than the Mini's and retains the same magic. IMO...Magico is going the wrong direction as far a... 
Magico - a new Mini?
Peterayer,I'm definately looking to add either the V2 or V3 to my system soon. Don't know if the new Q series will be any better with all alumninum, but I just hope that Magico will not abandon the wood/alumnimum look that brought them praise over... 
Magico - a new Mini?
I wish someone with some inside info can chime in on this. I'm really wondering if V2 and V3 will be discontinued since they've released the Q.I'm with Newton, I do like the wood/metal combination look. 
I want to upgrade, But , to which table ?
Also add JA Michell Gyrodec SE to your list, it's within your price range used, and still highly regarded in the UK press (I used to own one). The VPI Scout is also an excellent choice at this price level.