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Best subwoofer for 2 channel Hi End system
I would suggest the green mountain audio hammer. Better yet, two green mountain audio hammers. 
Anyone heard new GMA Europa Max speakers? is some good information on the differences in here 
Only three manufacturers?
They are right, but are missing some manufacturers. Add Green Mountain Audio. Also Dunlavy, but they are sadly out of business. The audio perfecionist journal will tell you a lot about this topic. A lot that many manufacturers don't want you to hear. 
Balanced amp for Bat vk5i...
I use a Levinson 331 with the vk5i and love it. If you want more power, try the 332 or 333. Good luck! 
Advice on choosing speakers
My two cents is that you should investigate time and phase aligned speakers if you really want to hear the music as the artist intended. A few great brands who have been around for a long time and have quality reputations are vandersteen, theil, a... 
1st,2nd,3rd order crossovers,etc
Please do a search on phase and time coherence in loudspeakers on this forum. Many threads on it which address just such questions. 
What is the one CD you can't find?
RE Neil Young - On the Beach and Tonight's the night are available, in fact On the Beach was recently re-released to much critical acclaim! Not sure about Time Fades Away. 
Who woulda thunk?
Kill the wabbit, kill the wabbit! I heartily disagree - I believe that having that classical music with bugs bunny introduced a whole generation to classical music. Remember the Rabbit of Seville? 
best threads out there?
I'd take Ermegnildo Zegna over Armani any day. 
Speaker Choice for a larger room
How about the green mountain audio continuum 3's? 
Loe Reed's speaker reviews
That was funny. You do have to wonder what hearing he has left after all these years though. 
speaker suggestions- $1200 or so
Dear Johnnyturbo - I own the green mountain audio europa's and heartily recommend them. I have replaced my innersound eros with them (a highly regarded electrostatic hybrid desing). I will never look back. If you are at all interested in learning ... 
Affordable external crossover for sub use.....
Hey phase - at the recommendation of Mr. Johnson at GMA, I got one from Marchand electronics. Nice guy, quick build time, high quality. Very flexible about building it to your specs to work best with your speakers. 
The best tuner
Take a look at It has a wealth of information on tuners. 
Muse Model 10
Hi Jeff - I upgraded my model 9 sig to the 10 and love it. I am waitng for muse to come out with a universal player that will play redbook as well as the model 10 does (Kevin Halverson the owner will tell you the 10 plays redbook better than the u...