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What early 70's rock bands had violins?
King Crimson used the violin extensively during its Lark's Tongue in Aspic and Starless and Bible Black period 
Muse model 9 sig CD player how good?
I upgraded my 9 sig gen3 to a 10, the improvement in cd playback was audible and significant, but not jaw droppingly different - a bit more clarity in the midrange and a bit more smooth and extended on the top - not that it wasn't good before. I w... 
thanks guys. The issue is actually with the circuit board inside so its just not cosmetic on the outside. I found some pellets which slowly evaporate and create a vapor which inhibits corrosion which I am going to try. The aircon/dehumidifer route... 
Your favorite demo songs
Female Vocals - Rickie Lee Jones - The Horses off "Flying Cowboys" LP Also, Trouble Man off "Its like this"Male Vocals - Elton John - Come Down in Time off of "Tumbleweed Connection"Bass - Filter -Hey Man Nice Shot - off the Short Bus Imaging - Ch... 
Avalon Monitor has anyone heard them
I've heard them set up at Goodwin's high end in Waltham Mass. I was not at all impressed. 
Todd Rundgren and the Liars tour / New album
Thanks for the update on Todd's new album. I will give it a shot. In my opinion, his best work was his early to late 70's solo work including:Something/Anything?: 1972 wideley regarded as his masterpieceHermit of Mink Hollow: 1978 Includes can we ... 
What are your favorite monitors?
Any time phase aligned monitor with solid build quality and first order crossovers will be a good monitor and superior to most other designs. These include the green mountain audio europa (I own and love them), Vandersteen, Theil, and Dunlavy. 
ain't got no soul: bad covers of great soul songs
Ogsarg - it was "You can't hurry love". How about the Soft Cell's cover of the Supremes "Where did our love go?" 
ain't got no soul: bad covers of great soul songs
In another shameless attempt at hijacking, how about Toots and the Maytalls doing John Denver's Country Roads as the best soul (cause we all know that Reggae got soul) cover of a non soul tune. 
ain't got no soul: bad covers of great soul songs
Oops - it is uncle cracker, not Hootie. 
ain't got no soul: bad covers of great soul songs
The bloodless reading of "drift away" by I believe Hootie and the blowfish. Dobie Gray must roll in his grave everytime that piece of dreck hits the airwaves. 
Help me setting up a 2 channel system
May I suggest the green mountain audio Europa's. I would really prefer to see you have a separate premap and amplifier - which in the used market is achievable in your price range. Edge Electronics for solid state, Manley or Balanced Audio Technol... 
Who Was Your Favorite One Hit Wonder
"I'm on Fire" - The Dwight Twilley Band. Anyone else remember these guys? 
Luxman tables
I own a luxman pd300 - belt drive fully manual. Got it in 1984 if i recall correctly, and it is still going stong. I would not recommend an automitic luxman however - i owned one briefly before the manual one and it had problems. 
GMA Europa owners....
Audio Magic is another good cable to go with the Europas.