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Three electrostat choices and my room-- need help
Congratulations on having a wife that likes these big things in the room. That is indeed a rare find. 
Review: Green Mountain Audio Europa Monitor
As a Europa owner, I'm glad to see others enjoying them too. I've posted my comments elsewhere on these speakers, but suffice it to say I love them. I think they are an icreadible value in the overpriced high end world. Although very satified with... 
Muse model 9 sig or audio aero prima?
Can't comment on the prima, but I love my muse sig. The dvd player is just a bonus. The CD player sounds fantastic. 
Best band of the 80's
XTC, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Los lobos come to mind. 
Fav Consecutive Albums by An Artist
Steely Dan:Can't Buy A ThrillCountdown to EcstacyPretzel LogicKaty LiedRoyal ScamAjaGauc 
Best single-malt Scotch...
I enojoy the glenrothes, single speyside 1989! 
Any Pink Floyd Historians?
The early Floyd were definitely avant garde - a saucer full of secrets and piper at the gates of dawn show them at their experimental best. There is no way anyone could listen to them, compare them with their peer groups at the time, and not see t... 
Richard Strauss - Last Four Songs
London Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by A. Davis - Kiri Te Kanawa. Strauss 4 Last Songs / Orchestral works. Very enjoyable performance. 
I need more Funk
Wow - I had forgotten about all that good 70's funk music I used to love. The Ohio Players - now there was some serious funk. I'd like to add the often overlooked and underrated Average White Band to the list. 
Amp for Green Mountain Europa
"Mystery Lady" by Etta James is great too - as is most of her older stuff like "At Last". 
Green Mountain Europas....
KcClone - I echo phasecorrect's comments. I think over time you will find that they are musically very involving, and have a very articulate character. This is a tough balancing act. Just as a frame of reference, these have repaced a pair of full ... 
Zap Sound out of Speakers when Powering Off
I have a similar, but slightly different problem. I have no sound issues when poweing off the preamp, however, when I power off my amp, regardless of whether the preamp is on or off, I get a popping sound out of one of the speakers. The amp is a l... 
Recommend a good Monitor for my existing system
I can't comment on the continuums, but I love my green mountain audio europa's. I think they fit all of the musical criteria you mentioned above. 
Danny Kirwan
Do a google search on Danny Kirwan - sounds like a very sad story as far as I can tell. All sites basically say he is a "down and out and homeless" somewhere in London living off sporadic Fleetwood Mac royalties. I agree with the Fleetwood Mac com... 
VMPS QSO 626 Ribbon Versus Josephs/ Tylers
I will add my vote for the green mountain audio europa's. I have posted notes on my impressions of them in other threads - but suffice it to say that they are musical, involving, coherent - just an amazingly well built speaker which is a steal at ...