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best amplifier to drive my Quad 988 speakers
Try the innersound amplifier designed specifically for electrostatic speakers. 
Electrocompaniet owners
Subaruguru - quite frankly, I am shocked that the company is charging you for the mod. As an accomodation for all of the time, effort, and goodwill you have shown through your patience, I would have expected the company to comp. you the kit and se... 
The Year of the Universal Player
According to the muse web page, the model 10 playback capability includes hybrid sacd. 
The Year of the Universal Player
As a confirmed fence sitter, I am looking forward to these universal players. I believe the Muse model 10 is a good universal player currently available. With any luck maybe Wadia will join the fray. 
Ready to Plunge into Aerials; One more question...
I listened to the intire aeriel line before I bought my speakers (I went with innersound eros, I love the sound of electrostats) and I would tell you if you are a two channel stereo enthusiast to go with the 10t's. Marvelous speaker with the right... 
Anyone heard the MK III Innersound Eros??
Well, I have had a pair of the MK1's since they first came out. I am upgrading my panels to the MK3 panels this month. I will keep you posted on the upgrade and how it sounds. Regarding the speakers vs. other electrostatics and the beaming of the ... 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
Innersound - Roger Sanders customer service is something that all electronics manufactureres should aspire to! 
Murphy s Laws for Audiophiles
The better a speaker sounds to you the lower its wife accecptance factor will be. 
Best Threads of 2001
My vote goes to the refridgerator comments. I nearly spit my water all over my monitor when I read it. Hilarious. 
Anyone own Innersound Speakers?
I own the original eros. When I bought them, I took them to my favorite high end shop to do an a/b with the ML requests. While comparable in the midrange and treble (with the ML's midrange slightly recessed in my opinion), the bass of the eros sur... 
How do I merge home theater into my 2 chan setup?
Thanks again guys. I have yet to purchase a cd/dvd player - I am in the market for one to upgrade my old CD player. As a result, I was not aware that I had the ability to have analogue outs for the cd playback with the l/r front channels for pure ... 
How do I merge home theater into my 2 chan setup?
Thank you both for the responses. I think that the last solution would work best. I think this would work perfectly for dvd playback. For CD playback, my only concern would be that this might degrade the sound slightly by having the signal passed ... 
How do I merge home theater into my 2 chan setup?
I could really use some advice on the same. I am mainly a 2 channel stereo purist, but would like a good set up to watch movies on at home. I currently have a 2 channel set up that consists of the following:Old Denon pd300 belt drive turntableGrac... 
A tribute to Roger Sanders and Innersound
Let me add my kudos to Mr. Sanders. I purchased my EROS immediately after the first review came out in the Absolute Sound years back. I have been in audio nirvana ever since. While attempting to choose an appropriate preamp and amp (this was befor...