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Audyssey and Tritons
Perhaps not by strict definition. But they produce more prodigious bass than anything else I've heard. Including standalone subs. 
Anthem or Emotiva
Is the OPPO-205 worth $3600?
No. Someone is trying to rip folks off. 
Schiit not that Good?
This clown again? 
thoughts on phono stage
I really can't see the need to spend that kind of money for a phono stage. 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Unfortunate that you don't include the ORIGINAL ADC XLM. One of the finest carts ever made, and certainly the best I ever heard. 
Small or large sub for music
More important, IMO, is to have a SEALED sub for music. 
Am I using the right speaker cables?
Try turning your cables upside down. 
Which magnepan
I've been wanting to hear them too. They have like 3 dealers. 
Audyssey and Tritons
Yes...good idea. 
Which magnepan
I agree with the others about the room being big enough for 3s. I had IIIs in a 14x22 room and they sounded sublime. 
Which magnepan
Why not 1.7? I had them and loved them. All the xx.7 are improved over xx.6. 
Who wants to return to the previous Audiogon list format?
Damn....and I was worried about kids starving in 3rd world countries.... 
What Center Channel are you using in your Home Theater?
Another GE guy here and having the same problem (with a non matching center). I'm thinking about getting the small GE center. I think mostly my problem is old ears and a lifetime of loud drummers and trumpet players. I also switched from Maggies f... 
Looking For 90% of the performane of the super expensive cables for much less money
The stuff people believe...