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What Center Channel are you using in your Home Theater?
Another GE guy here and having the same problem (with a non matching center). I'm thinking about getting the small GE center. I think mostly my problem is old ears and a lifetime of loud drummers and trumpet players. I also switched from Maggies f... 
Looking For 90% of the performane of the super expensive cables for much less money
The stuff people believe... 
Just curious if anyone knows..
I have no problem with it...just seemed odd. I think Clearaudio has been making the same competing table forever now. 
Suggest some integrateds for my Monitor Audio Silver 2
I had older Silvers that sounded great with my Anthem 225. 
Pittsburgh, PA Audio Club
I'm in the North Hills and interested. And, by the way, the Pittsburgh Symphony is hardly "under rated". 
Kinki Studio EX-M1 200wpc Integrated Amplifier
As always, the devil is in the details. When I read that they have no return policy, that's it for me. No return on something you have to buy without audition? No thanks. 
Kinki Studio EX-M1 200wpc Integrated Amplifier
Man, this is exciting. I've been going back and forth between replacing my Anthem 225 with a tube or hybrid integrated, or going separates....maybe Class D ...maybe from PS Audio with a tube pre. Lately I've been thinking that the real difference ... 
Maggies for Home Theater/2 channel set up?
Can it be done? Sure. Is it optimal? Probably not. I reluctantly gave up Maggies when I put together a system to function as both. Much better results, although if I can ever have a 2 channel only system again, Maggies or something similar will be... 
Ever Bought an Audio Product that was Stupid Good for the Money?
That little $129 pair of pioneer speakers from Andrew Jones is just silly. 
Maggie 1.7i vs Marin Logan Electromotion ESL - Which is less critical for room placement?
I had 1.7s and really found that the placement concerns are way overblown. I think the most they was away from the front wall  2 feet and they sounded beautiful. 
Best audio companies and dealers
I'm jealous of those who still have a great dealer where they live. There used to be several here. Now there is 1 and not a good one. 
BEST budget system. What is yours?
shtinkydog33 posts02-20-2018 4:53pmNAD 372 integrated: $50 at swap meetOnkyo C490 (?) cd changer: $150 newKicker 6000 outdoor speakers: $80 new at Costco.I listen to this far more than I do to my main rig, cuz I have it on whenever I play with m... 
BEST budget system. What is yours?
OK...this is SERIOUS budget. I put this together for my wife.Pioneer speakers...the little Andrew Jones onesOnkyo 9110 integrated (amazing sounding amp)NAD CD player that I already had...forget the modelGarrard GT55 with ADC XLM mk2This little sys... 
If cost was no factor, what system would you build as your main audio system?
I'm not sure about anything else, but I'm pretty sure Maggie 30.7s would be there. 
There should be a "Rant" category...
A counter of the asking price isn't negotiating.