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chinese counterfeitng
The best amp I ever owned was Chinese (Dussun) and even they warned buyers about gray market stuff. It's pretty hard to tell the fake stuff. 
Watts are watts?
Interesting stuff. Thanks for all the knowledge. I guess I should concentrate on getting something that works well with the Tritons that I have now, and worry about dealing with Maggies later , IF I do go back to them. (Actually, my Anthem integra... 
Watts are watts?
I drove Maggies for a while with a 150 watt never broke a sweat. On the other hand, a 125 watt HK crapped the bed.For the most part, when I've had Maggies, I had at least 225/channel. 
Sellers adding for PayPal use is plainly BS
I absolutely agree with the OP. I don’t pay 3% anywhere else I use a credit/debit card. Same thing.Now if only I didn't have to show an ID to buy groceries.... 
Store auditioning and then buying on-line from others. How do you feel about it ?
I can't believe this is a serious question... 
Golden Ear or Elac?
chris_focal...I will send you a message. 
Golden Ear or Elac?
I have a pair of Triton 1s that I could be talked into selling. Just saying... 
From an Anthem 225i to....
STR is way above budget. 
From an Anthem 225i to....
Stereo5...which Mac? 
When did AudiogoN become a Showcase for The Music Room?
THIS is what you have to complain about??? I want your life. 
What is the most important component in your system.
Speakers. It's always speakers. Always. 
Best sounding "budget" integrated amp for Vandersteen 2C.
Don't laugh at this. Or do...I don't care. But I put a little Onkyo 9110 into a budget system for my wife. That thing sounds crazy good! 
Blocking the propaganda
Best. Thread. Ever. 
Power Rating: Onkyo vs Yamaha
My experience with Yamaha is that they have the weakest "watts" of anything I’ve ever owned. I avoid at all costs now. Coincidentally, I bought an Onkyo 9110...the littlest brother of their line...for a budget system for my wife. The thing sounds ... 
CDs Vs LPs
I usually end up playing CDs for casual listening and LPs when it's time to be serious.