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Blocking the propaganda
Best. Thread. Ever. 
Power Rating: Onkyo vs Yamaha
My experience with Yamaha is that they have the weakest "watts" of anything I’ve ever owned. I avoid at all costs now. Coincidentally, I bought an Onkyo 9110...the littlest brother of their line...for a budget system for my wife. The thing sounds ... 
CDs Vs LPs
I usually end up playing CDs for casual listening and LPs when it's time to be serious. 
Review: Anthem 225 Integrated Amplifier
I've had the 225 for years now. I'm thinking about either tube integrated (perhaps a Rogue) or trying class D separates, perhaps PS Audio. Just not sure how much I would be gaining.  
Goldenear Triton Reference vs. One -- Review
I have the 1s as well. I'm trying to like them. I really am. 
Review: Denon 301 MK II Cartridge
Many years late to this thread, but I also have the 301's indeed a sleeper, esp at it's price! I've never seriously felt the need to upgrade, 
I replaced zip cable with Morrows. The only difference? I had less money in my bank account. 
Shure to leave the phono business
I never got the love for Shure. There were many better sounding carts back in the day. 
Golden ear triton 1 vs tekton double impact speakers
I can't believe someone actually said the 1s are bass shy. 
NAD C 275 Bee
I have to defend NAD. I've had several NAD pieces over the years and all have been dependable and sounded great. 
Replacing generic RECEPTACLES
Any excuse to waste money. 
Switching a single set of speakers between two amps
I use the same speakers for both 2 channel and HT....I simply switch cables. 
A rare chance to really sit and listen tonight. My stuff sounds quite good. I do wonder what I would gain upgrading. Especially because my room probably limits things. Ugh...too much to think about. 
Vpi Prime Scout (New) vs Well Tempered
I believe the WT is light years better, 
Sewell Ghost wire
As I look further, I see they also make a 16 ga. model. Still interested in opinions.