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Best speakers for $1500 or less?
Monitor Audio RX6 
Phonostage with dual inputs?
Boofer...I have the 640, which does support LOMC. I run a Denon 301 II through it. I would assume the newer 651 does as well. 
Phonostage with dual inputs?
Challenge: Best $2K-ish floorstander
I have the 1.7s. I think you made the right choice. They just do everything well. Good luck! 
What cartridge do I get now?
I can't recommend the Denon 301 II highly enough. IMO, nothing comes close at anywhere near the price. 
Question for Maggie 1.7 owners
Thanks. I'm going to mess with them. I have serious back issues, so it's easier to ask opinions first. LOL. May insert resisters too just to see. 
What is your cartridge and tracking force used
Denon 301 MkII set at 1.25 grams. That's the lower end of the scale, but it seems to track everything perfectly. 
Speakers that do pianos really well
Here's a weird one...
I emailed the company. They wrote back that it needs to be serviced. Brilliant, eh? 
Here's a weird one...
So, as usual, trying to buy something from a North American based company results in buying junk. Sad. 
Here's a weird one...
Argh!! It just did it again, but this time with the volume staying all the way down. I thought about the remote too...I don't THINK it's that but who knows... 
2-channel vs 3-channel/5channel
As much as I love my 2 channel for music, Right now I'm unable to set up the surround system for movies, and I miss it like crazy. 2 channel just doesn't cut it, esp for things like Apollo 13 etc. 
What should I do with these cartridges?
Without knowing the other 2, I'd guess the ADC is the one. I have a Mk II that still sounds great. The very first version of the XLM was the finest cartridge I ever owned. 
Is there really a need for panel speakers in 2012
Just my opinion, but the box hasn't been built that can compare to a planar. 
NAD t747 8ohms minimum- Speakers I want, 6ohms
I just bought a T747 ,assuming it would be fine with 4 ohm rears. Wrong. Back amps fried in a day.