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Speakers for newbie
I'm not familiar with the P6, but B&W generally need lots of power. Despite the power rating on the Marantz, I don't think you can drive them to their full potential. There are some very good full-range speakers listed on Audiogon - in your pr... 
How to amplify four 'front- speakers
I think you need a multi-channel (4?) amp. There's no way that Sony is driving the B&Ws properly. Ignore the supposed wattage specs of the receiver. The Adcom speaker switch box is OK, but I'm not big on Adcom amps. 
Yamaha Aventage RX-A1020 Needs some speakers
Stay away from Adcom 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
I agree with KR4. I'm not a videophile, but I hear the 105 delivers first-class sound as a dvd/cd player AND as a DAC. For $1200.Is it perfect? No. Is it worth $1200 for what it does? I'll find out. It's sitting in a box in my office, having been ... 
Is Anyone Using The Oppo 105 As A Preamp?
I'm expecting the 105 tomorrow, and will be using it straight to my amps, at least initially.Audiojan and others, check this from ESS about cutting bits to reduce volume: 
Passive/line stage HT preamp?
Actually, I guess a better way to ask the question is can I go directly from the analog outs of the Oppo to my amps? Do I lose anything that way? 
Need to know the best proccessor ...........
I'm not an Adcom fan, and I particularly don't think they work well with B&W. Try something along the lines of Hafler, Bryston, B&K or Parasound. 
Are there really any high end pre/processors at a
Fplanner2000 - Can you please be more specific about how you have your system wired up? Thanks! 
What Is The Best And Cheapest Way To Clean Lp's?
I built a vacuum-based cleaner for next to nothing. Just as good as a VPI.If you want instructions, email 
looking for solution...maybe simple question???
Without getting into the math, you need to double the watts to get any appreciable increase in volume. That said, all amps - at a given wattage - are not the same.So a 65 wpc amp and an 80 wpc amp will give you the same volume. 
Best cheap record cleaning system?
Took a motor from a shop vacuum, an old turntable, and a nightstand. Took the arm assembly off of the turntable, screwed the turntable to the top of the nightstand, mounted the motor underneath, and have the hose coming through where the arm assem... 
Miles Davis - Time After Time
I've stood in front of him while he played Time After Time. :o)Yeah, the Miles train is endless, and a worthwhile pursuit. 
Uncompressed PC to Compressed iPod?
It couldn't be easier with dBpoweramp Music Converter. You create a new folder, then batch-convert a whole folder to .mp3 (or whatever) in the new folder, while still keeping the original lossless files. Do it overnight, and then direct itunes to ... 
Uncompressed PC to Compressed iPod?
Use dBpoweramp Music Converter to convert to mp3 while keeping the lossless files. 
Music Hall CD 25.2 Issues?
I have the cd-25 (not 25.2). I haven't noticed a click, but haven't listened for it. I think all Music Hall players suffer from the track starting a split-second late. It only happens under certain circumstances - I think forwarding to the track a...