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Best audiophile earwax removal system?
a Karcher vacuum cleaner at a car wash will help you ...  
Vladimir Lamm RIP
I wonder if his daughter will continue the business?  
Competitive class D amp suggestions
DH ( Mark Levinson ) ...if ML is expensive - you can pay attention to it http://www.bantamone.com/  
Tune of the Day
Recommendation all-rounded speaker (small room)
LS 3/5 ...   
Favorite religious song
Boutique or Big Brand?
1. you have a small room - do not try to push a big sound into it (large speakers - suffocate) 2. your electronics are hi-fi, not high-end... what kind of music do you want to listen to? ... I would start by replacing the preamp - this amount is e... 
Well...I am taking the plunge into digital..
it's too late... (or do you think you'll live 110 years?)  
Do power supply units/cables make a difference in sound quality?
i think you're lying))) - you have good components and you probably use good cables... A good cable is better than a bad one  
Favorite religious song
To learn about football - you need to look where it is! It is useless to go to America, New Zealand or Japan - they have heard about football there, but they don’t know how to play ... the game is not very popular across the country ... But Diego... 
Customs and duties in USA bringing and Amplfier from Europe
Ayon - makes amazing CD sources (but breaks frequently) Jadis - will be extremely expensive ... has its own style of sound T + A ... good technique, but in the USA you will find a dealer If you are not afraid of difficulties (you need to look for ... 
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
do not be lazy ! until you experience it yourself, you won't know... audio is an industry of deceit (you need to check everything)... why do you need the opinion of people you don't know? - go to the store and ask to turn on several DACs  
Least Expensive Power Conditioner/Surge Protector That Won't Worsen Sound
it probably makes sense to try (take for a couple of days) something from Furman products ... or find a studio isolation transformer  
Can a great system make a mediocre recording sound good?
considering that the best music (from the one recorded on media) was already sung in the 20th century and hardly anyone can surpass it (now we have a monstrous degradation of performing skills) - I would not look for systems with a very high resol... 
The magic of outdoor listening
there are many factors - the street, the volume, the number of people, but the main content of the music