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New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
Roxy,Why does your system link go to a 2012 thread about Tvad? Can't Agon fix that?Shakey 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
Not every speaker works for everybody, that's why we have choices. I am just baffled why your room is so problematic with this particular speaker.I once bought a pair of Coincident Super Eclipse IIIs that were highly thought of, and on another occ... 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
Very surprising. In my 15 x 26 ft room the bass was fine. Not overblown, but there when it was supposed to be.Could the xovers have been damaged in shipping? Something sounds amiss.Shakey 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
"Sometimes it takes time to truly understand what a component does right or wrong. What's more reliable, snap judgement or long term audition?"You'll get no argument from me. However, nothing wrong with an initial assessment, as long as it's prefa... 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
Stereo5,I have owned the speakers. I am Ozzy from AA and I posted to your thread. I am just curious what you thought. No need to worry about talking about them in an open forum, that's what this place (and AA) are all about. You still get to send ... 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
I guess the speakers didn't live up to the hype. No report on the sound......Shakey 
Recommed a medium sized monitors that can go loud
Decapos are a good bet. So are Green Mountain Audio monitors.Shakey 
New Tekton Pendragons On The Way
Congrats and keep us updated.Shakey 
Nottingham Analogue setup manual
The "manual" for a Nott table used to be a single sheet of paper with type written instructions.Shakey 
Whoa, Johnny Boey is back?
For the OP....Do your homework before you post.....Shakey 
Avalon Opus vs Grand Veena
I am on my second pair of Grand Veenas and have no desire to look elsewhere. Although I haven't heard the Opus, I have a hard time believing it is anything more than a lateral move.Shakey 
NHT 3.3 vs Mirage M3si
Ain't that some s&*t? You made this same post in the appropriate forum, and not a single reply. You post it in the wrong forum, and you get five.Shakey 
Speaker Advice?
So are you saying you will have to "tuck" them in this position when not in use, or they will have to remain suchly?Shakey 
Tom Cruise
Let's put this in perspective, Brf. Can you think of anyone, anyone at all, that has had "dozens" of DUI arrests? Now add to that the notoriety of being a former U.S. president (or anyone recognizable) and you see how ridiculous that statement was... 
Tom Cruise
"I'll bet Tom and Jimmy are looking at this silly thread and laughing."I will take some of that action.....Shakey