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I just returned my second defective Manley Chinook
John,This is the first I have heard of the Trio, but coming from a Maxxed Out owner, I bet it is very good. I have been a fan of Kevin's work for almost 15 years. I didn't see any mention of what a completed kit would cost. Shakey 
Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??
I have no feelings one way or the other. I know the newer Vandersteens are head and shoulders above the older models, which are the only ones I have heard. Model 1 through 3A have never impressed me. The Model 5 was pretty good when I heard it at ... 
Pro-ject Xtension 10 vs. VPI Prime vs. Amadeus
The Amadeus will be hard to beat. I had a Nott Spacedeck prior to mine and the Amadeus made it sound broken.Shakey 
Bad news for audiophiles?
Price sometimes dictates value and performance. But not always. I have owned preamps retailing for upwards of 8K and none of them have sounded as good as the passive LDR that I paid 900.00 for. I would gladly replace it if something could beat it.... 
Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??
And so it goes.....right over your head.Never mind, I see there is no way for you to get it.Now back to our regularly scheduled love fest......Shakey 
Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??
Restrained about what? It was a poorly worded ad and he explained. I thank him for doing so, but it was very misleading. AC should probably put someone else in charge of placing Agon ads.Shakey 
Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??
Ad by Audio Connection for a pair of used Metaphor 2 loudspeakers. The description was in the ad copy. I guess they think these are better than the 2ci, Quattro, Treo, etc...Just seems funny to me.Shakey 
New speaker technology vs. Old speaker tech???
Looks like Hifisoundguy is off the Bose bandwagon and on to something different. I guess progress is indeed being made......Shakey 
Vandersteen 5A to Carbons??
What's interesting is that the premier Vandersteen dealer would say this about a pair of speakers someone traded in: "still have not heard a speaker set valued up to $10K that I like better! Terrific Detail, focus, Sound stage, etc."I guess you sa... 
Magico S1 - Dynamics and Amplifier Suggestions
Big multi- driver speaker vs. smaller two way speaker. Sounds about right to me.Shakey 
MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?
"I am really questioning what he told you. Just because a tube is lighting up doesn't mean it isn't introducing noise."I agree with this. A tube is NOT like an incandescent light bulb. Bad output tubes will continue to glow. That tells you nothing... 
Well Tempered V's VPI Super Scout Master Sign
Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the OP was referring to the belt, not the fishing line that suspends the arm. If he is indeed talking about the arm, then I agree with you. That should not be a concern.Shakey 
MHDT Paradesea Repair? New Tube?
Why would you sweat a 75.00 tube? Even if it's not the problem, if you keep the DAC you will eventually need to replace it.BTW, have owned the Havana for ~3.5 yrs. and have replaced the tube once already. It is an excellent sounding DAC.Shakey 
Help - new house - new setup?
"I know you don't want to debate your answers, but I think you meant vertical biamp and not biwire."He never wants to debate what he writes. Nothing new here.Shakey 
Why so many Plinius for sale lately
Surely we need more 14 yr old threads revived. Bravo!Shakey