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Help - new house - new setup?
I agree with Zd and RW.Your home theater processor isn't doing the sound any favors. However, nothing short of something the size of a Wilson Grand Slamm is going to fill a room with 28' ceilings. That is your real culprit.Shakey 
Is Vinyl Worth It
Tubegroover,There are some that can't get beyond the tick/pop situation.A friend of mine several years ago tried to go whole hog with vinyl. He bought a Nott table, Plinius phono stage, Clearaudio cartridge and about 100 records. He lasted for abo... 
Any Herron VTPH-2 Phono Stage Owners out there?
"He is "Mr. Herron" around here."Ain't that the (broken record) truth......???Shakey 
Which phono preamps among these three?
I will throw another monkey wrench in the plan and suggest that you consider the K&K Maxxed Out Phono Preamp.Shakey 
Allman Brothers Band -- Shades of Two Worlds
"When Dickie got booted, that was the end of the Allman Brothers."Amen to that. It was the end of the band for me.Shakey 
Bob Weir documentary on Netflix
Watched the Weir documentary this weekend. Very good!Shakey 
Feeling Old Anne Meara passed away.
"Ms. Meara was married to Jerry Stiller (of Seinfeld fame, among many other accomplishments) and Ben Stiller."You are correct that Ms. Meara was married to Jerry Stiller, but I doubt she was married to her son.Shakey 
System Help
It usually takes quite a bit of time to dial a system in when setting up in a new room. You have to discover where the nodes are and which ones to avoid. And most of all, make sure there are enough furnishings and/or room treatments to avoid a son... 
Audiogon etiquette question
Even someone who is "on holiday", as you Brits like to call it, has no excuse in today's society. Even neophytes are well connected as they travel. People can't seem to put their smart phones down long enough to enjoy a meal. So chances are very g... 
Revel Ultima Studio 2??
I don't think going from a single chasis Emotiva amp to monoblocks is going to solve your issues. It's still an Emotiva amp. And as long as you insist on concentrating on mixing music with HT, you are never going to get quality two channel perform... 
Revel F208 Review by Earl
Doesn't sound like a speaker I would enjoy. Then again what you describe sounds just like Bryston amps. So I can understand a little better.Shakey 
My stereo isn't doing it for me. Need advice
"1:Dyaudio's are generally low in sensitivity and may need a more powerful amp when playing louder.2: CD player is not up to snuff3: Cables not up to snuff either. Kimber 8TC is a good starter cable without the resolution of some of the better cab... 
My stereo isn't doing it for me. Need advice
That's a tough room. You will probably never get any speakers to sing at more than a moderate volume. Anything beyond that and you are overloading the room and exciting bass nodes too.You said that some acoustic stuff sounds great. I say live with... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
I have a unit that I didnt buy directly from Tortuga, but it uses their board. I am extremely happy with it and did compare to the lightspeed. Very close performance, both are excellent. Shakey 
Saw a cool show last night...
I saw the same show in Raleigh NC in 2011 and it was awesome.Shakey