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High value, high efficiency speakers for SET amps
Having owned the Pendragon, I would say thte Lore is a fine choice.Shakey 
Vienna Acoustics Liszt - Fad or Future?
Yes, I know the larger driver in the head unit is the midrange. But the uppermost driver in the lower cabinet is NOT a woofer. It WILL be directional.Shakey 
Vienna Acoustics Liszt - Fad or Future?
According to the review, the upper bass driver is actually a midbass. There might be phase issues by pointing the upper unit in a different direction.This is from the manufacturer's website:"The two lower units produce the lowest bass, working in ... 
Sold in one day
Another quality taters post. We are not worthy......Shakey 
Plinius SA301 Or Bryston 4bsst2?
Bryston +Thiel? You would have to be a glutton for punishment......Shakey 
Tweeter placement
It is directly related to how the speaker is designed and dispersion dynamics of the design. My current speakers have the tweeter well above ear level, but that is the way it was meant to be listened to. Some speakers need to have your ears direct... 
Why so underwhelmed by Revel F208 audition???
My take is that pairing them with a Bryston amp will only take them further away from musicality......Shakey 
Total cost of ownership - how to reduce it
For all you tube naysayers, I have had very good luck with tube gear. I have owned 14 tube amps over the years and only one of them had an issue worth mentioning. Yes, tubes will need to be replaced periodically and sometimes go without warning. A... 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
zd542,Not mad at all. Just having some fun......Shakey 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
Uh oh, Jl35. You've done it now. Shame on you...... 
Records with words with the letter S are slurred
The problem is usually a combination of VTA and VTF. Try lowering the tail of the cartridge slightly and also increase your tracking force a little. Should help immensely.Shakey 
Nottington Ace Space question, motor placement.
John,That looks very interesting. I am a big fan of Kevin's work. I am actually using something similar with my WTA, but probably not quite as effective. It is the DPS outboard power supply that they sell. It has speed adjustment too.I will have t... 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
I bought a used pair of 1Cs a few years ago for my GF (now wife). They arrived pretty beat up with one woofer not functioning. I contacted a dealer but was instucted to call RV regarding repair.I'm not saying he was a horse's ass, but it wasn't a ... 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
"I get that you have it out personally for Richard Vandersteen because he wasn't friendly to a buddy of yours or maybe it was to you."Oh Please! To suggest that I "have it out for Richard Vandersteen" would suggest that I give a good s&*t at a... 
Can't get Acoustic Zen Adagios to sound smooth
Jl35,You are correct that if he wants "smooth", Vandersteen 2 or 3 is the way to go. Very bland, but not offensive sound would be his.Shakey