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mcintosh MC 7270 or mc 7200
Dave43, +1 Couldn't have said it better!!!!!!!!! My 7200 is stil going strong, too!  
Doobie Brothers' drummer John Hartman dead at 72.
Always loved their "Listen To The Music" and still listen to it occasionally!  
Close, but no cigar ...
Just mention the word "McIntosh" and the naysayers hit the floor running! No other brand on this forum seems to be hated as much. +1 with Stereo5. There are other forums that do love "Mac", so that's where I spend my time; the naysayers, stay here... 
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
For me, it was on a visit to my local audio store that I first heard a pair of ADS L810 speakers back in the 1980's. The music was clear and precise, with a sound I hadn't heard before. I took them home, tried them out and have been a big ADS fan ... 
Macintosh delays
Maybe you sent your inquiries to the wrong place, spell it McIntosh!  
Factory service for products from the 90's
laps, thanks for the info. I'll see what Bob can do, if anything.  
Factory service for products from the 90's
I just ran into problems that certainly apply here. I have a McIntosh MC7200 amp from the early 90's,making it around 30 yrs ago. No problems with it at all. However, I went to change the lighting bulbs for the second time, only to discover that d... 
Does remote control degrade the sound of tube preamps?
+2 Mapman, couldn't have said it better! At my age, 80, I wouldn't consider a preamp without a remote control. My ears are the limiting factor now, a remote is the least of my worries!!!  
Pavlo...Live In Santorini (on PBS)
I saw this program on PBS when it first came out, and agree that this was a fantastic experience. After watching it, I sprang for the two-cd set of his music and this too is also surprisingly good!   
Favorite religious song
While most of you have never heard this song, it's been my favorite for years, "The Song" by the Dan Burgess Singers. Heard it on a Christian radio station, and found it on cassette and later transferred to cd.   
Warning for Revel lovers
Just to help you feel better, Artemis5, I've experienced the same refrigerator/freezer situation with my Whirlpool unit. Thank goodness I watched the tech who came to fix it and see what was involved, but the same issue kept rearing it's ugly head... 
CD Burner
How about the professional HHB CD830 Plus cd burner? I've got two of them and want to sell one. Excellent condition, remote included. The "Plus" version has XLR connections, as well as RCA connections.  
Wilson Audio Haters
I've never heard Wilson speakers, but it's good to see that McIntosh isn't the only product around here that seems to get a good thrashing! Probably like McIntosh, most have never owned Wilson, so aren't really qualified to say much about them.   
Who uses ADS Speakers
Gotta throw in my two cents worth, as I'm also a big ADS fan. Bought my first pair of L710's in the early 80's, then onto 810's, 910's, the Sub-sat system, and currently own L1290/2's, 1590/2's and a pair of L400's with the metal grilles. They sti... 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
To the crux of the discussion, well said mhwilliford! After all the superflous BS, you nailed it!