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Info Needed on ADS L1530s
One last thing on your speakers: I wouldn't necessarily assume that they don't perform as well as they did 20 yrs ago. Concerning the ADS C-2000, they do not contain amplifiers, such as the PA-1. Those crossovers do contain built-in amps, but were... 
Info Needed on ADS L1530s
Ed sawyer gives great advice! I own a pair of these, and a a pair of 1590's, which are similar. Biamp them if you want a big improvement, but don't mess with the crossover. ADS made a C-2000 Biamp System Control specifically for the 1230/1530/2030... 
Laserdisc problem encountered----Help?
Ncarv, you saved the day! You were right on! Thanks for the help. 
Quality recorded opera performances
One CD that I have found outstanding is:Franz Lehar: Schon ist die WeltEufoda 1188I picked this up at Tower Records, and is an outstanding recording of The Merry Widow, sung in German. I never get tired of this disc, absolutely gorgeous!My other f...