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I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
I agree with your next to last sentence, NCKempfert, only the very well-heeled will be buying new Mac's in the future. Their pricing is getting out of hand for guys like me who are retired. The used market is all that holds any future for me. Look... 
You'll get all kinds of ideas here on this subject, but do realize that Mac is not so popular on this website. Most that have the biggest objections have never owned it. I have owned the 2205, and I liked it, but the newer Mac gear is much, much b... 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
How did this thread start with Mac observations, and wind up talking about who's watch is better than the next guys?  
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
+1 with Schubert. Although Mac has had several buyers, the business continued as usual in the same location. Several companies infused large amounts of capital in the company, which allowed Mac to versify and do some operations more efficiently. P... 
I have seen some Interesting comments about Mcintosh lately
Yes, Taters, you are the Thread King around here, for sure.All these comments are hogwash, of course. If only the rich bought Mac, they'd be out of business by now! If their parts were so cheap, why do they last so long? They certainly do hold the... 
Audio - Post Divorce
I got a good chuckle out of your comment, Buconero, you're right on! 
What centre channel are you using?
This will sound like heresy to most, but I gave up on the center channel years ago. I like a lot of older movies, and got tired of having the sound only come from the center speaker. Now everything in mono is coming from the right/left and sounds ... 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
Hey guys, I own Mac myself. C15 pre and 7200 amp, and I enjoy it a lot. I was just making an observation I noticed on selling prices, not only on Ebay. I'm going to get a C48 when I can find the right price! Thanks to all who had input. 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
Jimmy2615, you got my point exactly! Your point of a C15 is right on, I've seen some going for $1100 and more on Ebay, when they were only $1500 when new in the 90's. 50-60's stuff wasn't my point, as a lot of guys consider that gear something spe... 
Outrageous used pricing on older McIntosh
Taters, I see many MR-78's going for 1500-1600 or more today, on here and Ebay, and granted that it's a great tuner (I used to own one, and an MR-80) but given the fact that a lot of folks are moving away from FM, one wonders if it's even worth it... 
Monster AVS2000 Signature Voltage?
I own 2 of the Monster HTPS 7000"s, and voltage always fluctuates between 118v and 122v. I don't see that you have a problem, as the voltage isn't constant where I live either. 
Have you ever spoken with a designer or audio engineer
Haven't personally talked with an engineer, but I did write a letter to Jack Renner (of Telarc Records fame) asking why he used different ADS monitor speakers, and B&W speakers. He wrote a nice reply, stating that when recording in Europe, the... 
Speaker Cable Questions
Try Signal Cable. They will make custom lengths for you, and are very good cables. Price won't break the bank, either. I've used them for many years, interconnects and speaker cables. 
Discharging power capacitors
Thanks for all your ideas, much appreciated.AL 
Yamaha? Welcome back!
So, how do the "newest" Yamaha integrateds compare to their 1990 flagship integrated, the DSP-A1, which was the rave of the audio press at the time for Yamaha's build, sound, etc?AL