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While I won't recommend any players for you, your experience with Mac players is exactly why I won't buy another one. I've had 3 of them, the last one being the MVP-861. Nothing but problems such as you describe. Sent to a Mac service center and r... 
Mcintosh Quality after buyout by D&M holdings
Ditto Joekapahulu's remarks. Mac has gone through several owner changes, but all have left Mac alone to do their thing, and all seem to have infused a lot of money into their investment. Mac's laser-cutting machine for the glass faceplates is just... 
cd-r music for blanks
My comments above were with music CDR's, 1-4x speed. Never any problems with them. 
cd-r music for blanks
Ditto Tomcy6's reply. I've used MAM-A discs for years with excellent results. I've also used HHB discs, with the same results. My recorders are Marantz CDR500 and HHB 830 Burnit Plus. 
High End Audio-Gaining Higher Ground?
Soix, I'm with you. When I look at my grandkids, I'm constantly baffled that all these guys want to do is play video games or are constantly texting someone. Maybe we'd have been the same way IF we'd had all the electronic stuff to play with that ... 
Jerry vale dead
I guess I'm a bit late to the condolences party, having just seen this, but what a great singer Jerry was! I remember him back in the 50's singing "Go Chase A Moonbeam" and fell in love with his voice. I have almost all his cd's and never tire of ... 
Is it just me or do others really miss A/D/S?
Not to fret, ADS speakers still hold their own quite well! I have the L1290/2 and L1590/2, and have no thoughts of ever getting rid of them, because what else can you find that sounds so goooood for the money? And the magic is still there! 
ADS/ a/d/s/ BrAun Atelier component repair
You might give Richard So in Phoenix a call and see if he can help, or knows anyone who can. He does all their speaker repair and has numerous parts. His contact is, 480-452-9736. 
MX110 vs. C-28?
Why not consider the C712 or C15 preamp to compliment your 2255? And if you need a Mac tuner, these are readily available, and quite reasonably priced. I doubt the C28 or MX110 will satisfy you by today's standards of sound quality. 
Life after ADS
The L420 is a great little speaker, but you should probably use a sub with it as the 6" woofer doesn't quite go low enough.Most ADS speakers use a 1" tweeter (the 1290/1590 use a 3/4" tweeter), they use either a 1.5" or 2" midrange if the speaker ... 
Life after ADS
I also have been/am a devotee of ADS' speakers. Having owned the 1530's like you, they were a superb sounding speaker. I also had to go to a smaller footprint later on, and so I now own the 1290/2's and the 1590/2's. If you loved the 1530's, you'd... 
Mcintosh MC501 corner replacements
Didn't you even consider calling Mac's customer service dept.? 
How to fix Yamaha DSP-A1
So what did you decide to do with the DSP-A1, fix it, sell it, or did you locate the problems? 
What is the modern equivalent to the L1090?
I answered your other identical post without seeing this one, but why do you think the ADS speakers are "not modern"? I don't know about your L1090"s, never having owned that particular model, but I do have a pair of L1290/2's and L1590/2's, some ... 
What is the modern equivalent to the L1090?
It sounds to me like you are still in love with your ADS speakers. If you feel the need for something better, why not pick up a pair of L1590/2's, one of the best speakers they ever produced. I guarantee once you have them, you won't part with them!