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McIntosb C41 lamp replacement
While you're at it, why not replace them with the LED kit they make for the C41. It sells for $189, but will put an end to light replacement. 
PSB or stick with vintage ADS
I have owned so many ADS speakers I couldn't even begin to name them all, and have heard nothing in their price ranges that could change my mind about owning them. Currently, I own the 1290/2's with L400 surrounds in my theater room, and 1590/2's ... 
How to add second receptacle to the same line?
I'm sure you've figured it out by now, but it's very simple to add another receptacle to each line. Figure out where you want the other receptacle, shut off the power to each line, and run new wires from the old to the new receptacle. Match wire s... 
McIntosh Preamp Preference - C33 or C40?
Both units are similar. The C33 was sold from 1981-1985, and retailed for $2450.The C40 sold from 1992-1998 and retailed for $3500. Many guys think the C40 is the Cat's meow. Both sound the same to me, having owned them.If you need remote control,... 
Why do some audiophiles beat up McIntosh?
It's interesting to note that those doing most of the "bashing" on Mac gear have never owned it, which disqualifies them from even making a judgment. All brands have their followers and haters of their products. Once you understand that NO brand o... 
Upscale RCA Jacks - McIntosh
Mac must have figured this out, as some of their newer models have much better jacks, witness the C48/C50 Preamps. I can't comment on the newer amps, as I haven't seen them. It's a welcomee addition. 
McIntosh D100 Digital preamp review
Super g man, were you able to determine what chipset the D100 uses? Over at Audio Aficionado, this has been a long guessed-at question. 
Newbe with retro McIntosh
I own the C15 preamp, and it is a great one. Just know it is a no frills preamp, not having seperate record circuits. However, it does have a remote, which is a must have for me. Mine is paired with a MC7200. I also owned a C712, which is similar,... 
Preamp for McIntosh MC162
Theo, both of those pre's are great, but the C15 is the newer model. The C712 does have a pair of balanced outs, whereas the C15 doesn't, but the C15 is in the same time frame as the C42. Can't go wrong with either one. 
Replacement meters for Mcintosh MC2125
As near as I can recall, the circuit boards directly behind each meter are totally removable, and are strictly for each meter. You just have to unplug the wires leading to the meter. The IC's that have been mentioned are soldered in place, so Hifi... 
Replacement meters for Mcintosh MC2125
All of the above responders gave you good advice. However, that model always had trouble with their meters. Mine used to intermittently quit working. As I stated in another post, there is a vertical circuit board directly behind each meter that is... 
Broken Mcintosh Meters
I used to own a MC2125 30 yrs ago, and the one thing that used to drive me nuts was the meters constantly dropping off sporadically. My dealer gave me a tip, but it didn't solve the problem permanently. If you take off the top, you'll notice there... 
Why my left speaker sounds louder then my right
I agree with Marco1, I am experiencing the same thing currently in my setup, and I do have hearing loss in my right ear. I just move the balance control to favor the right side and things now sound normal. 
Bi-amping ADS L-1590 or L-1290
Mkaz13, do you have the manual for the PA-1? I need to locate one, or a copy of it.Alan 
McIntosh MC2002 any good?
Yes, you defintely will enjoy the 2002 better. But the successor to the 2002 is the MC7200, and that is a huge improvement. I've owned them both, still have a 7200.