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Tonearm Damping
A friend of mine coated his tonearm with clear liquid latex. It can be applied at different locations with different amount to change the amount of vibration you want to damp. It can be removed easily if you don't like the result. 
Next Upgrade Help
Have you done any room treatment to your listening room? If you haven't, your room is your weakest link. 
Pure Music Functionality Question
It has made a lot of improvements but track skipping still happens from time to time. I also don't like the way it handles gapless tracks. I don't use it much anymore. 
Coconut-Audio tweeks
Let me put it this way. I don't want to call those alien rocks and seashells a scam. They might be magical and might very well work wonder. I don't know because I have never tried them. But what I do know is for the price of a few of those rocks a... 
Resistor to tone down tweeter?
Brightness is usually caused by the room more than by equipment. I think you should consider room treatment first. It will be more effective. 
Whats more important, source cables or amp cables?
Since you already have the cables, why don't you try them out and see which way you like better? 
What's the best AES Digital Balanced cable you eve
I third Mogami. 
Tracking force and Unipivot tonearms
How old is your Benz? If it is new, it might just need some break in time. 
VPI 300 RPM vs 600 RPM Better?
@Tzh21y, The 300rpm motor definitely should be a lot quieter. That is the whole point of the upgrade. If it isn't, I think there is something very wrong with the motor you bought. I suggest you contact VPI and see if you can have it exchanged. 
VPI 300 RPM vs 600 RPM Better?
The 300rpm motor is quieter. Try this: take the belt off the motor so that the platter won't move, lower the stylus onto the platter, switch on you amp and turn up the volume. Now switch on the motor and you should hear hum. The hum will come and ... 
VPI 300 RPM vs 600 RPM Better?
The only purpose a motor serves is to maintain the correct speed of the turn table. It is out of the signal path. So I suggest you check the TT speed to make sure it is correct and stable.Another way a motor can affect sound is the motor vibration... 
Highest rez audio service
I post a list a couple of years ago. I think all of them are still in business. are also some new additions: 
Benchmark Dac 1 USB
I have a DAC-1 USB and I love it but I have friends who absolutely hate it. So just like most things in audio, it is 100% subjective and the spec can't always tell what is better. The only way to find out is to listen to it yourself.I think Benchm... 
Marantz Projector or OPPO-83/93 video
If your main goal is to stream NetFlix, I suggest you get an Apple TV. I have both Oppo 93 and Apple TV and I found that Apple TV produces smoother video and its interface is much easier to use than the Oppo.Apple TV is due for a refresh probably ... 
Manufacturer checkups
I found that many "check out by manufacturer" really mean the item has been sent to manufacturer for repair.I suggest you ask the seller exactly what has been checked if you are interested in purchasing.