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what to buy under $500 bi wire spkr cable
What speaker are you using. Perhaps the problem isn't the speaker, not the cable. 
Oppo 95-Integra 80.3 connection
There is another option.Get an oppo 93 instead of 95, connect its HDMI1 to TV, connect its HDMI2 to the Integra 80.3 for audio. 
Dont laugh
I am not surprised at all. After spending a fortune over 30 some years in this hobby, one thing I learn is that I don't have to spend a lot of money to get great sound and more expensive doesn't mean better. 
DIY speaker mod- Newbie Needs Advice.
Blueskiespbd, I don't have Snell speaker so I don't know what that fuse is for. But whatever it is, you can't just replace a fuse with any 1 ohm resistor without knowing how much current will pass through it. If the current is high, you will need ... 
How selective are you?
Musical taste is 100% subjective. What I think is good might not be what you enjoy and what you love most may not float my boat. It is just different from person to person and I will never question others musical taste. 
PSB Imagine Minis or Audioengine A5+?
If you can stretch your budget a little, I highly recommend the Focal CMS50 active speaker. It costs $595 each ($1190 a pair) new. It produces extremely detailed and fast sound, pinpoint imaging, wide and deep soundstage, and very good bass for a ... 
Oppo BD-95 file capability
You can attach any size drive to the oppo as long as it is either FAT32 or NTFS formatted. I have a 2T drive attached and it reads without any problem.There are some file formats it can't read. For example, it doesn't play AIFF files but it can pl... 
So, what's your audio resolution for 2012?
Focus less on equipment and enjoy more music. 
Sad news for VPI - from their Facebook page...
Oh no... 
Is my room 11 x 14, or 11 x 20?
Neither. Your room is irregular shape. You can't use simple calculation to determine its effective size. You need to either run software simulation or do actual sonic measurement to find out its sonic characteristic. 
Rubber Washer VPI Scout
No. The VPI tonearm has uni-pivot bearing which means it is self-leveled. Therefore, you need to level the platter to maintain the correct angle with the tonearm. 
How to "break-in" new speakers??
Do what Havac1 says. 
What component is responsible for dynamics ?
It depends on what you are currently using and your room. Without knowing the details, it is impossible to tell. 
How do we remember 1970s amplifiers?
I had never liked Ampzilla, too rough sounding to me. Phase Linear sounded dead, typical solid state sound of that age.The one I liked most was SAE 2600. I used to own one driving a pair of Gale 401s, really sweet and dynamic sounding.These is jus... 
Budget Speakers for a small living room
I have a pair of Audioengine A5 black. I have them connected to my TV for the occasion that I am too lazy to fire up my audio system. They sound very good consider the low price. My room is pretty big, about 39'x15', and the A5 produce more than e...