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Can anyone recommend a better rectifier tube?
Many of the so called NOS tubes are actually OUT (Old Used Trash). Be careful when you buy them. 
itunes uploading problem
Not sure what you mean by "fragmented into many different sections"? 
On a mission for more BASS
Bi-amp won't do it. You need big subs.Be careful, don't overdrive those 10" woofers in your Sophia, they are expensive to replace. 
Are CD players dead
Well I don't know if it is truly dead but I haven't used mine for over a year. 
One thing I learn in my 30 some years in this hobby is that higher price doesn't always mean better. 
Why are modern arms so ugly?
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. 
Maggie as a second set
Not sure about the MC352 but the V12 won't be enough to drive the 3.5. 
ZYX cartridge looking for advises
I have a Airy 2 with SB on 10.5 (see my system). They work very well together. Airy 3 is very similar to Airy 2. I think it should work well too. 
Fake Cardas: Myth or Reality?
@Mceljo, It is possible. It also raises a question. What if (I am not saying it will) at some point in the future Cardas decided to source its cable from the same source which made the fake? Than, what is real and what is fake? 
Fake Cardas: Myth or Reality?
@Mceljo, I have another 1M GR which I bought from a Cardas dealer and frankly I can't hear any difference. 
Fake Cardas: Myth or Reality?
Yes, there are a lot of fake Cardas. I personally got a pair. I bought a pair of 1/2M XLR Golden Reference a few years ago. They have no logo on the connectors. The seller told me they were re-terminated by the dealer. I didn't suspect anything at... 
TV only recommendation
Oppo 93 should definitely be one of the source components to consider. 
Help with Playing FLAC files
You can also use Audirvana which plays FLAC directly without conversion and it sounds much better than iTunes. 
Mini-Mac Server as an NAS
No, do not make a RAID with mixed internal and external drives. It won't work. Software RAID requires all drives in the RAID set to start up within a short period of time which is very difficult to do with external drives. As soon as one external ... 
TV only recommendation
Agree with Kennyt and Foster. When it comes to HDTV, size does matter - the bigger the better.