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Solid Maple vs Butcher Block
So you are putting the speakers with spikes on maple platforms which are also on spikes. I don't understand why you are doing that unless you want to lift the speakers up a few inches. 
Solid Maple vs Butcher Block
It is important for speakers to have a solid footing. What you are doing now (spiked through carpet onto concrete) is better than putting them on any wood block unless the wood block is directly secured to the concrete floor. 
Manufacturer Repairs? What is a reasonable time?
Unless the broken equipment is a vintage or rarity, and he needs time to locate necessary parts; I say two to three weeks should be a reasonable amount of time for any amp repair because it takes less than that to completely replace the interior o... 
dsd zip download problem
Have you tried to open the zip file on your Mac. It should unzip it to a normal folder. 
Please Help Ambient Bass Resonance
What you are experiencing is indeed feedback into your cart. It is very common in LP playback. There are many ways to solve this. The key is to place the TT far enough from the standing wave or at a base null. Since you didn't post a picture of yo... 
Sony 9100ES, Oppo 103 105
The Sony is a very good player. Since you are using it for 5.1 DVD movies, you most likely feed its signal into a multi-channel processor. In that case, you won't hear any difference at all. If I were you, I would save the money for something else. 
Hi. I am looking for small adjustable stands
If you can provide a bit more information like how cheap is cheap and what you are using them for (floor stand or table stand), you might get more responses. 
Visualize the music....
Yes, it is cool. It actually helped me enjoy the music better. Thanks for the link. 
Neutral or warm? Which do you prefer?
@Esprits4s, audio is a subjective hobby. Arguing for neutrality in audio reproduction is like arguing what color in a rainbow is closest to grey. 
Altec 17's:
If you are talking about the Altec 18 two way speaker with a horn at the top and an 18" woofer in a separate cabinet at the bottom, it is a fabulous speaker for rock. I had heard it in a friend's home in the late '70s driven by a 211 SET amp that ... 
1st time poster looking for speaker recommendation
Giving your taste of music, mostly jazz, blues, and classical; I would suggest a pair of Vandersteen Model 2ce. It is time tested, reasonably priced, particularly good for jazz and classical, and will last a very long time. 
Why does an audiophile grade power cord matter?
Well, personally, I don't hear a difference between a mega buck power cord from the stocked cord that comes with the equipment so I just stay with the stocked cords. But I might be in the minority. As one of my audiophile friends told me: if you c... 
Speaker comparisons
If the C1 room is a square room, it will have stronger standing wave reinforcement at certain bass frequencies which may explain the impressive bass you had heard. Also its first reflection point from the sidewall will be much further away giving ... 
Speaker comparisons
I suspect the differences you heard probably have more to do with the rooms than the speakers. 
Neutral or warm? Which do you prefer?
I like warm sound better as long as bass isn't soft.