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Sub best at high crossover?
Hi-fi listening is 100% subjective so if you like it better, it is better. 
Anyone interested in stereophile estate auction?
Why don't you auction off his audio equipment here so more people can participate? 
Hum in left channel - Parasound Z
Good for Parasound. What did he say about your hum problem? Just curious. 
Hum in left channel - Parasound Z
There are a couple of possibilities I can think of. One possibility is the hum has always been there but you didn't notice it because the volume control on the amp was turned down. Now you have turned the volume control to the max to use an attenu... 
Have you considered using active speakers? I have set up a 5.1 HT system for my mom in 2011 as Christmas gift. It included a Marantz AV7005 processor, five Focal CMS-50 active speakers, and a Focal CMS sub. The connections from the processor to th... 
Speaker grills on or off?
My main speakers are a pair of Vandy 5, I prefer them grill on. I also have a pair of Focal CMS 50 in my study and I prefer them grill off. 
A question about power supplies
The BK Precision 1621 is definitely better than a wall wart but will it make a difference in sound is anyone's guess. Since you already have it, why not give it a try? Of course you need to make sure its voltage isn't turned up too high and it has... 
Sub connection question.....
Usually a HT receiver like this allows speaker size selections in setup. The main speaker selection may have choices like small + sub, full range only, full range + sub, etc. If you choose small + sub, everything above 100Hz should be sent to main... 
best mac mini option for external music drive?
If your SATA drive is NTFS formatted, the Mac Mini can read from it but can't write to it by default unless you have a 3rd party NTFS driver installed. Please bewared. 
Has the Oppo carried the AV industry?
Well, nothing is a "must have", I agree. But in my 30+ years experiences in this hobby, I have learned that sometimes you will run into situations that you don't have to pay high-end price to get high-end performance. The Oppo players are examples... 
Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?
@Halcro, I have no doubt Thuchan has more experiences on TT than I do but it doesn't mean he has listened to all. Unless he have, I think making a strong absolute "the best" statement is kind of premature.@Thuchan, No, I can't tell you that becaus... 
Amplifier input voltage range
This is way too high. The maximum input voltage of a solid state power amp is usually around 1v. 
Can I connect a Sub to a Photo Stage?
If your phone stage connects directly to the power amp and you use the phono stage to control volume than yes, you can connect a sub to the phone stage. If you connect the phono stage to a preamp and use the preamp to control volume than you shoul... 
"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"
Speaker selection is very personal. It depends on the kind of music that you like and your sonic taste. Speakers which are great for classical may not be good for rock. People who like more laid-back sound will prefer a different speaker than some... 
Why will no other turntable beat the EMT 927?
With all due respect, unless you have listened to all of the turntables in modern designs, it might be premature to make an absolute statement like this.