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Agree with Arh. I have been in this hobby since the 70's and the most important thing I have learned over the years is that higher price doesn't necessarily mean better sound. 
PC or Mac?
I use a Mac Mini for music server and I love its simplicity, stability, low noise and the latest Audirvana plus player ($50) sounds absolutely stunning. I guess I must be brain dead. 
45rpm gold record?
The music industry awards an artist a "gold" record to hang on the wall when his/her record sold 500,000 copies. Maybe you bought one of those. I am just guessing here for I have never seen one myself.I agree with Tom. I wouldn't play it if I were... 
Vote for best speaker value under 5K$
The Maggie 3.7 will sound absolutely dreadful when driven by a SET amp. As I said earlier. We can't take a component totally out of the system and its listening environment and call it the best. Audio system doesn't work this way. 
Vote for best speaker value under 5K$
Impossible to answer without more details of your personal taste, music preference, room, and the rest of your system. It is like asking what is the best food under $20. 
Simple ? iTunes Question
Just hold down the Option key while you start iTunes and it will show you a dialog box to switch library or create a new one on any drive you want. 
home theater processor suggestions?
Marantz AV7005. 
What speakers to get?? Help
If you can save up a little more, the Audioengine A5 is the one to get. It costs about $299 a pair. It has a built in amp that can be connected to a pre-amp directly. It sound really good too.If you really can't afford it than get the smaller A2 f... 
wall mounts?
You might want to take a look at Sanus Systems XF228. It is not cheap. A mount that can swivel must be really well built. You don't want your TV to fall off the wall after awhile, don't you? 
@Onhwy61, I am not saying they should just go out of business. I was just point out the fact that once it went mainstream, like selling at Best Buys, their focus had changed. It was probably the right decision for the business but it wasn't a good... 
The finest Cable Elevators you ever auditioned?
If you hang the cable near the ceiling isn't it get close to the floor above? Just a thought. 
Every since it was sold to ShoreView Industries, ML has gone mainstream and stopped being customer friendly.How sad, indeed. 
The finest Cable Elevators you ever auditioned?
To the first timers to this forum. These are just good clean jokes. Please don't take it the wrong way. We aren't really that crazy. 
Why aren't current country albums on vinyl
Tbromgard, I am not sure whom your last post directed to. If I had offended you in anyway, I am sorry. 
Another HUM question
I am not quite sure what you are asking? Speaker wires don't pickup hums. Hums are usually picked up from upstream or generated from ground loop.